Featured BizSpark Startup – GamEffective

Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is GamEffective from Israel and the United States How can a game platform turn the corporate strategic business planning process into something that’s fun, rewarding and compelling? Gal Rimon, CEO and Founder of GamEffective, can tell you.    The idea for GamEffective all started when I was planning to reduce weight and…


Featured BizSpark Startup – VerticalCloud

Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is VerticalCloud from the United States. Matthew Angerer and Jeff Pierce might only have on their Super Startup Founders hats on nights and weekends. But every day, their hearts beat to the entrepreneurial drum. Matt Angerer is an IT professional by day and a landlord by night. At all times, he has an…


Featured BizSpark Startup – FormVerse

Email is one of the most utilized and effective means for communication in business.  It is used by more than a billion users.  It organizes meetings. It helps teams build ideas. It takes products from ideas to shipping. It's truly amazing at what it does. But could it do more? Many groups are trying to…


Featured BizSpark Startup – Future Digital Media

Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is Future Digital Media.  True Star Trek fans look at the world a bit differently than others do. That’s a good thing, says Rahim Hankin, Director, Future Digital Media. Going boldly where no one has gone before can reap big benefits. Future Digital Media is a UK web design agency that…


Featured BizSpark Startup – BeehiveID

BeehiveID startup is helping the fight against cybercrime by being the “Carfax for People.” Mary Haskett, Founder of BeehiveID, tells us how she got the idea for a new way to authenticate people online. What is your company's mission? We live in a world where bad actors mask their identities. BeehiveID is a global social…


Featured BizSpark Startup – Eight Wire

Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is Eight Wire from New Zealand. Jason Gleason, Business Director and Co-Founder, tells us how he helped create the world’s fastest cloud migration software with automatic error fixing.  What is your company’s mission? We want to change the way businesses manage their data assets. We are accomplishing this through building smart…


Featured BizSpark Startup – Nestpick

Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is Nestpick, a Netherlands startup that is enabling international students to securely rent places online. Here is our interview with Fabian Dudek, founder and CEO. He tells us how he got his idea and how Microsoft Azure is giving them the flexibility they need to expand, scale and grow. What is…


Featured BizSpark Windows Phone App – Foundbite

Today our Featured BizSpark Startup, Foundbite, is from the UK. James Mundy, Founder, tells us about their Windows Phone App: What is your company’s mission? Sound has the unique power to bring memories to life, ignite the imagination and capture impressions of places all around the world. Foundbite uses all of these with the aim…


Featured BizSpark Windows 8 App – Pradux

Our Featured BizSpark App is Pradux. Download the Pradux app and start shopping the world's largest database of styles worn by TV Stars and Celebrities. We interviewed Pradux Founder, Alex Koblenz, to learn more about how he got the idea for the app and how he leveraged the unique capabilities of the Windows Platform when…


Featured BizSpark App – Mathgician

Our Featured BizSpark App is Mathgician, a casual and fun game that offers real-time interaction between players created by BizSpark Startup, Winprovise. Here is our interview with co-founders of Winprovise, Tim Chew and Walter Wong. Tell us about your company. We build consumer apps that will do anything from solving problems to entertaining our users….