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BizSpark member The BI Squad uses Microsoft technologies to offer the most effective and efficient business intelligence solutions.


The BI Squad, is a French startup working to help companies improve their business intelligence projects and expedite their deployment and delivery times. Experts in business intelligence and analytics, The BI Squad employs creative experts to implement robust and innovative solutions, highly integrated to the clients’ software architecture, aimed at rationalizing the businesses information systems and helping to reduce costs says CTO and co-Founder Rudy Delouya. “We created the BI Squad with two goals in mind. First, provide customers with expert knowledge so that they can streamline their technology solutions to become more efficient and agile. The second was to help prevent companies from attempting to reinvent the wheel with each new BI project. We really just want to help people simplify their technology process and improve their business.”

“We, primarily, assist companies in fields such as banking & insurance, transportation, luxury or pharmaceuticals & cosmetics. At The BI Squad, our aim is to provide broad expertise to our clients,” continues Delouya.

Founded in 2013, The BI Squad recently rolled out their latest product, GeneSSIS, which has made an immediate splash in the industry. GeneSSIS is an all-inclusive, SQL Server-based business intelligence platform that can serve any and all client needs with just a few setup steps instead of complex and repetitive development phases. “GeneSSIS represents a breakthrough in the business intelligence development field,” continues Delouya, “the GeneSSIS framework automatically generates your data flows, whether simple or very complex, and offers a wide variety of ready-to-use interfaces and features (BI repository management, dataflow and task monitoring, workload scheduling, integrated security and many more…).”

A Microsoft BizSpark member, The BI Squad has quickly made their mark on the competitive startup industry, particularly since the release of their GeneSSIS platform. The company recently landed a lucrative contract, for the GeneSSIS platform, with French cosmetics giant L’Oréal – who deploying GeneSSIS in all three of their major markets (Asia-Pacific, Americas, EMEA). “We are thrilled to be working with L’Oréal, and continue to help them with development time and it is truly an incredible opportunity” says Delouya.

The BI Squad collaborating together.

Developed around Microsoft Business Intelligence and .Net technologies, GeneSSIS is an all-inclusive business intelligence framework employing Microsoft SQL Server, Integration Services, Database Engine, and .Net/C#. The BI Squad uses SQL Server to build mission-critical applications using high-performance, in-memory technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics to manage data warehousing on premises. “We want our customers to be able to run R scripts with every set of their data flows. Microsoft’s software has made it so much easier for us to help clients fully explore the wealth their data has to offer.”

Also heavily reliant on machine learning, the company uses these data processing technologies and innovative visualization tools to extract valuable information for client data. As of today, The BI Squad’s solution is 100% on premise, but their roadmap includes remote value added service like dataflow monitoring and mobile reporting and analysis.

The BI Squad’s ability to cultivate business relationships has helped the company increase revenue and release their new platform, concludes Delouya. “BizSpark really helped us kick start all our projects and explore new ideas from the very beginning. They have always been available to us and have given us incredible access to resources. We couldn’t have achieved such quick success without their help.”


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