Azure’s hosting capabilities combine with Visual Studio to power BizSpark member ComfortClick’s new universal building operating system

Founded in 2008, Slovenian based startup ComfortClick’s new building operating system application allows users to control any device from a single mobile app. Many home automation systems lack standard protocols and operating systems, resulting in a fragmented patchwork of sensors and devices which can’t communicate with one another. To address this, ComfortClick has introduced an application that is able to stitch all of this together – what they have dubbed a universal building operating system. According to CEO Luka Persic, “with multiple devices launching on multiple operating systems, the smart home is in danger of becoming fragmented, nullifying the convenience smart devices are supposed to bring. We give our users the possibility to connect, monitor and control any device, from any manufacturer via a single app.”

ComfortClick automates everyday tasks, including turning off lights, electrical sockets, and heating, to help users monitor energy consumption and reduce energy outputs by up to 30% - facilitating a reduction in energy costs and carbon footprint. In addition, ComfortClick offers a complete range of services, from consultation to project planning and implementation – enabling users to easily set and manage schedules.

A BizSpark member since 2013, ComfortClick is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and developed using Azure and Visual Studio. ComfortClick uses Visual Studio for its automatic deployment and continuous monitoring capabilities, as well as ability to handle project of the size and complexity of ComfortClick. Azure is relied upon because its integrated tools and services make it easier to build, manage, and deploy a variety of applications, says Perisc.

Get an affordable home automation solution with ComfortClick’s new universal building operating system.

ComfortClick bOS Demo from ComfortClick on Vimeo.


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