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BizSpark member MaaxMarket utilizes Azure’s compatibility with open source libraries, including Ubuntu, Apache, and Ngix, to deliver a cheap and easy automated marketing solution.

Based in India, MaaxMarket is a software as a service cloud-based marketing automation tool featuring a simple user interface and an affordable way for businesses to automate their marketing efforts - including Email and Social Media. MaaxMarket delivers customizable work flows, intelligent analysis, automatically generated task lists, and lead scoring mechanisms that helps businesses to identify and engage hot prospects in a timely manner. Perfect for small businesses, MaaxMarket offers personalized, automated customer follow up, making marketing cheaper and simpler than before.

A BizSpark member, MaaxMarket is built and hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure because of its reputation for dependability, says founder and CEO Lenin Srinivasan. “Azure has been a tremendous help with server uptime and a solid infrastructure platform that we can rely on. Our customers trust us with their key business data and we, in turn, trust Azure with our customer’s data. It has been the perfect relationship.” Azure also assists MaaxMarket with instant application scalability that can support thousands of customers at the same time.

In addition to Azure, MaaxMarket operates in aggregation with Microsoft’s Virtual Machine to house all of their database and application servers.

After initially hosting their product on a different service, MaaxMarket decided to switch to Azure because of its compatibility with open source software says Srinivasan. “Reliable open source integration was critical for us since all of our application servers use open source components.” MaaxMarket employs a wide array of open source material, including Linux Ubuntu for security and support, Apache web server, Ngix for accelerated content and application delivery, Tomcat, MySQL database, and MongoDB for monitoring and automation. “We weren’t sure how Azure would react to such a diverse load of open source, but it has been flawless. Everything integrated perfectly and we didn’t have to change how we operate. We know we can rely on Azure for anything we throw at it,” continues Srinivasan.

Looking to improve revenue with automated, personalized marketing, check out Microsoft BizSpark member MaaxMarket.


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  1. adam says:

    Awesome product! Absolutely recommended for businesses looking for simpler marketing automation

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