BizSpark member Intraboom utilizes Azure to provide an all-in-one communication solution to improve team production and project collaboration.

Efficient communication is critical to the success of any business, and developing and maintaining innovative communication tools has become an essential part of realizing collaborative achievements.  Establishing new systems of communication is difficult for many companies because of the wide array of communicative tools and large data storing centers needed to succeed today’s global business market. However, Intraboom is here to help! Based in the United States, Intraboom is an all-in-one communication, team collaboration, and intranet solution for businesses. Intraboom provides users with real-time access to comprehensive messaging systems -- including bulletins, discussions, online chat, and mobile text messaging -- file sharing, calendars, and tasks to improve engagement, collaboration, and productivity. In addition, Intraboom promotes social networking within the workplace through sharing and commenting on photos and videos.

A BizSpark member, Intraboom leverages the Azure cloud services platform using a variety of Microsoft technologies, including SignalR, Service Bus, Blob Storage, SQL Server, Web API, and ASP.NET. Intraboom employs SignalR for real-time messaging and Azure Service Bus to scale outgoing messages – both in an attempt to enhance the quality of their product while simplifying its user interface. Supporting large amounts of unstructured data, Blob Storage has provided the company with application data file storage and file storing for distributed access. Intraboom also uses SQL Server to build mission-critical applications using high-performance, in-memory technology across data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. Microsoft technologies continue to empower Intraboom to make smarter decisions, improve service, and provide new business possibilities.

As part of the future of business communication and collaboration, Intraboom’s relationship with the Microsoft BizSpark team has empowered them to produce a quality product, at very little cost – allowing Intraboom to make some of their product offers free!

Improve communication and team collaboration to embolden a smarter and harder working company atmosphere with Microsoft BizSpark member Intraboom’s new communication solution.


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About BizSpark:  Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps startups succeed by giving free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software and support. BizSpark members receive up to $750 per month of free Microsoft Azure cloud services for 3 years: that’s $150 per month each for up to 5 developers. Azure works with Linux and open-source technologies such as Ruby, Python, Java and PHP. BizSpark is available to startups that are privately held, less than 5-years-old and earn less than $1M in annual revenue.

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