Building a Company on Content Chaos – Tabillo

This is part of a series of startup stories about founders who are building customer solutions — and their dreams — on Microsoft stack technologies acquired through the Microsoft BizSpark program. This story comes from Sanjeev Arora, founder and CEO of Tabillo. You can follow him and Tabillo on Twitter @tabilloinc, and through Tabillo’s blog….


BizSpark Featured Startup on Azure – Send Files Securely

Send Files Securely is a service for sending files securely over the Internet without the need to install or configure any software. The application was put together on the MIcrosoft stack by founder Andrew Johnson of the United States. Users simply upload a file and Send Files Securely secures it. All files are transmitted over…


BizSpark Featured Startup on Windows 8 – Dovetail Systems, Inc.

Dovetail Systems, Inc. is founded by one of the most experienced veterans in the hospitality technology industry. According to founder Bill Draper, “We believe the time is right for a new generation of products based around an easy-to-use pleasurable user experience at more affordable prices.” So for his money, that is Windows 8. We were…


BizSpark Startup of the Day on Windows Phone – TB-ELECTRONICS

We can think of one way you would want to use Color Analyzer, the app made for Windows 8 by Swiss startup TB-Electronics. Let’s say you are designing your house, but you are having trouble describing precisely the red you want. You can turn your phone and shoot a photo of an object of that…


BizSpark Featured Startup on – Verpura GmbH

Florian Gumpinger, founder of Verpura, wants to deliver SAP to small companies. So, he made his Windows 8 app to do just that. Enter the Verpura Timetracking Application on Windows 8. According to Florian, who is based in Austria, “It is an integrated ERP/CRM solution with interfaces to Microsoft Office 365 and with innovative features…


BizSpark Featured Startup on Azure – OFunnel

If you have not been keeping up on the news about BizSpark and Azure, you might draw the same conclusion that many others have drawn before — that Microsoft is not friendly with open source. Not true. Our next founder interview is with Kushal Shah, a founder who built open source into his Azure-based solution….


BizSpark Featured Startup on Windows 8 and Azure – Cognitum Sp. Z o.o.

Imagine a language editor for your coding that is so powerful that it refuses to allow you to write a sentence that would disappoint your ninth grade English and grammar teacher. Cognitum is an innovative and technical BizSpark member company based in Warsaw, Poland. Cognitum delivers high-end IT services in the area of Cloud Computing & Big…


BizSpark Featured Startup on Azure – Centramation Systems Private Limited

Active members of the Microsoft BizSpark social forums probably remember the Indian husband and wife team that made Remind Me This, a project management tool featured in the Silicon Valley tech blog TechTaffy. Rutvik Dave, Co-Founder, Centramation Systems The app is just one of the products that Rutvik Dave and his wife are working on…


BizSpark Featured Startup on Windows 8 – PhotoWeaver

PhotoWeaver does one thing that you don’t expect a smartphone app to do — it takes the photos in all of your drives and feeds (SkyDrive, local drive, Flickr, Facebook) and gives users the ability to “weave their lifetime worth of pictures on their mobile, on the go.” Pictures from across social networks and cloud locations are “woven” into…


Startup on Windows Phone – LeanWork.NET

Software solutions do  not have to be complex for the user, but often, they are too complex. It doesn’t have to be this way, says Peter Meinl, founder of LeanWork.NET, a BizSpark member company from Germany that has a solution for small and medium businesses that need to run software programs to operate efficiently. Their…