Featured Startup on Azure: bonusmagnet

Remember when you used to get leaves of loyalty coupons in the mail? You felt special. But then you probably felt annoyed. There is a solution to that, though. And it's called loyalty going digital. When Patrick Setzer, CEO of bonusmagnet, told us about the company, we were intrigued. bonusmagnet offers a loyalty & direct marketing technology platform based on Smartphone Apps serving big corporations helping them connect and stay in contact with their customers.   

We interviewed him today to figure out what bonusmagnet does, as part of an ongoing series of feature interviews of companies that are hosting on the Azure cloud. Here's a one-to-one drilldown on bonusmagnet and how it helps brands and consumers stay in touch with each other, so that consumers can get the kind of rewards they deserve for loving the brands. You can follow them on Facebook.

You can also check out this video, which shows the solution in action.

BizSpark:  Tell us who you are and your role in the company.

Patrick Setzer:  Founder and CEO, at the moment responsible for all tasks from strategy deep down to the engine room.

BizSpark:  What is your company’s mission?

Patrick Setzer:  Loyalty goes digital.

BizSpark:  In 140 characters or less, tell us what your company does:

Patrick Setzer:  bonusmagnet offers a loyalty & direct marketing technology platform based on Smartphone Apps serving big corporations helping them connect and stay in contact with their customers.

BizSpark:  Tell us about your Azure based solution:

Patrick Setzerbonusmagnet's own branded solution, as well as white-label solutions that are fully served by Azure. bonusmagnets' Azure backend serves the Windows Phone, iPhone and Android consumer apps to save and access bonuscards, leaflets and coupons on a Mobile Device. The Azure App uses web services to deliver a repository of current bonus offerings together with the GeoID. The Mobile App combines these POIs (Point of Interests) with the current location.  The Microsoft Cloud solution gives bonusmagnet the opportunity to reduce investment risk and act dynamically on different Server/Hardware solutions for their business.

Patrick Setzer:  Founder and CEO of bonusmagnet

BizSpark:  How did you get excited about Azure?

Patrick Setzer:  The great scalability we have through Azure and the attractive offer within the BizSpark program.

BizSpark:  What were the Azure features that prompted you to decide to build on Azure?

Patrick Setzer:   Visual Studio Integration.

BizSpark:  What specific value are you getting from BizSpark beyond the technology?

Patrick Setzer:  Know-how transfer between Microsoft and our Team, Marketing support, development help for our windows phone app. All great value for us!

BizSpark:  What has been your biggest “aha” moment since founding your company?

Patrick Setzer:  Mobile really changes everything.

BizSpark:  What is the one thing that you would like readers to take away about your Azure app?

Patrick Setzer: With Azure we can build global mobile loyalty solutions in multiple countries and any scale at our fingertips.

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