Featured BizSpark Startup on Azure – Linkury

Interview with Naty Namdar, CTO of Linkury.

Web site: www.linkury.com.

Tell us who you are and your role in the company:


What is your company’s mission?

The Linkury Smartbar makes information actionable, efficient and profitable!

In 140 characters or less, tell us what your company does:

The Linkury SmartBar makes content discovery actionable and efficient for users and profitable for publishers, search and social engines and marketing companies.

Tell us about your Azure based solution.

Our product is a Smartbar which enables the user to search, share and discover content easily. It includes a backend statistics system and an admin management portal.

How is Azure implemented in your solution?  

We implemented several components via the azure platform:

  • WCF based WS that has several instances
  • A group of web resources (aspx/js/html files) used in several regions
  • SQL azure db that is used for storage of metadata and settings for our applications
  • A number of blob containers in a storage account that are used as static web resources

How did you get excited about Azure?

I learned about the service through the BizSpark program. I compared it`s features to other cloud hosting services and found it`s best suited to our company.

What were the Azure features that prompted you to decide to build on Azure?

The ability to scale on-demand and to implement a virtual network of several instances in different regions. In addition the great integration with VS2010.

What advice do you have for companies that are thinking about building in the cloud?

Before migrating to cloud based hosting, refactor your system so that it can utilize the special benefits received by the Azure features such as the CDN and storage tables&blobs.

What is the one thing that you would like readers to take away about your Azure app?

The most important thing is the easy deployment process to the production environment that allows us to scale and plan for future loads.


Comments (4)

  1. glen says:

    it's crap ,can't remove your apps!!!!!!!!!! help

  2. Patricia Korfhage says:

    Help, I can not find the license number to register my account!

  3. farking annoyed says:

    Linkury is nothing more than spyware spammy crap.

  4. Victoria5 says:

    SPAM!!!!!!!!!!! cant get rid of it!!!!!

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