BizSpark Startup of the Day – Kobojo

Hear from Vincent Vergonjeanne, CEO of Kobojo at the European BizSpark Summit in Paris. Kobojo was one of the two final winners of the Summit, winning the €10,000 cash prize.

The BizSpark startup of the day is Kobojo, based in the France. Below you will find an interview with Vincent Vergonjeanne, CEO of Kobojo. All the best to them and congratulations for being the startup of the day!



Tell us who you are and your role in the company:

I am Vincent Vergonjeanne – CEO of Kobojo.

What did you do before creating your company?

I used to work for Microsoft Research, Working on Innovation for

How do you feel being the most promising ‘Startup of the Day’ per Microsoft BizSpark?

Humble & Awesome.

What is your company’s mission?

Kobojo was created in 2008 to give a social dimension to classical games. Our team admired the social anatomy of board games and wanted to carry these mechanisms over to the online world. Today Kobojo is one of the French leaders in the social gaming universe. We develop games for social networks and mobiles that facilitate and encourage the connection between players.

In 140 characters or less, tell us what your company does:

Kobojo is one of the French leaders in the social gaming universe. We develop games on social networks and mobiles for people to enjoy!

How did you get the idea for your company?

Back in July 2008, we were looking for a strong way to reach people without spending too much in Marketing. Our first Facebook app proved us it was the right way to go.

Tell us about your funding history. Are you currently looking for funding? If so, how much?

It is a little early for us to answer. All I can say is that yes, we are looking at September to start the raising process.

How many employees do you have? How many developers?

We are 11 people and 5 of them are active Developers.

Are you hiring? If yes, what are you hiring for and where?

Yes! We are looking for ASP.Net Developers as well as Flash Developers and Artists. Check out our Job Section here:

Which platform are you building on? Why?

We are working on a Full Microsoft Stack: .NET / IIS & SQL Server. This platform helped us tremendously during the scale up phase and is extremely well supported by Microsoft and numerous Communities.

Where do you see opportunities today in the Software/Internet area?

In our own point of view, ‘Social’ along as the ‘Software as a Service’ Model will be the big winners of the next years.

What do you think about the BizSpark Program?

The BizSpark program has helped us tremendously at a Technological, Business & Hiring level.

Do you have any advice for young Software entrepreneurs?

Don’t be scare to fail; it is the key to understand your weaknesses and your strength.

Who’s your role model?

Anyone crazy enough to try to change the world, while doing it with class and smile.

What’s the ONE THING you would like readers to take away from this interview?

If you believe social is the next big thing, and want to work with a team capable of accomplishing great products, please join the ride and contact us ( We are looking for individual contributors as well as partnerships.

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