Startup of the Day – Mobile Tracing Services SAS

The BizSpark company of the day is Mobile Tracing Services SAS, based in France. They combine mobile phones and Web for professional services. You will find below an interview with Raynald Messié, CEO and Technical Manager of Mobile Tracing Services SAS. All the best to them and congrats for being the startup of the day!


Interview with Raynald Messié, CEO and Technical Manager of Mobile Tracing Services SAS

Who are you?

Raynald Messié, CEO and Technical Manager of Mobile tracing Services SAS.

How do you feel being the most promising ‘company of the day’ per Microsoft?

We are proud and we feel supported. Even for one day, it’s always good to be supported by a leader company for a new project.

What did you do before creating your company?

I have worked for 3 years as a Video game developer and 15 years as ERP and TMS lead developer and project manager.

How did you get the idea? What s the genesis?

From TMS implementation, the goal is to identify the need for a sedentary team to get updated information on field events (delivery, time time-tracking, evident pictures, delay …) and then have control on their goods and better customer service.

What do you sell? What is your company’s mission?

We sell a Saas service, users will get a monthly fee only without down payment or any investment.

Our product gives to companies the link between sedentary and field teams through the web and any mobile phone as an easy stand alone and main system or as an extension of ERP or CRM systems.

What is your market?

Any activity that manage field transport (Maintenance, delivery, shipment, construction, electricity, plumbing, landscape, ..)

Any clients? References? Partners?

Microsoft France, Winwise, Yousaas, Pole Scientifique et technologique du Havre, Pôle de transaction électroniques sécurisées de Caen, Veolia Cargo (Socorail), Sagatrans, Normandie logistique, …

Funding history? VCs? BA?

Creation in June 2007 ( stocks = 166 K€ : 70% creators, 15% VC, 15%BA); Stock increase in june 2008 + 191 K€ (VC jumped to 20%).

Growth? Internationalization?

The websites are French/English, HQ is in France and a representation office is in Mukilteo, WA - US.

Are you hiring? If yes, what? Where?

We are looking for US and worldwide strategic partnership and VCs.

Which platform are you building on? Why?

We are full technology: Windows Server 2008, SQL server 2008, etc. We chose these technologies for many reasons: Productivity, security and reliability. A long experience of Microsoft’s technologies and good communication with Microsoft France were also important in that matter.

Do you have any Software IP? Is there something that you’re the only one to do on the market?

No software IP but we are the only company to provide a full saas and end to end tracking service.

Who’s your role model?

Let’s say Bill Gates as an architect.

Where do you see opportunities today in the Software/internet areas?

In the full saas easy and simple business application designed to create a value.

Looking for funding? If yes, how much?

Yes for 500 to 1.000 K€

What about the BizSpark Program? What do you think? Are you going to join? Why?

We are already a member of The French BizSpark Program since the beginning.

Any advice to young Software entrepreneurs?

Be Always tenacious, but never stubborn.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Our application is now ready, the market is ready, the technology and their use are mature. Tomorrow is today, we’re ready to take off.

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