Heidi Waterhouse

Heidi Waterhouse is a technical writer with the BitLocker team. She spends her time translating security concepts into actionable steps.


Bulat Shelepov

Bulat Shelepov is a Software Development Engineer with the System Integrity team at Microsoft.


Xian Ke

Xian colludes with coworkers as a Program Manager on the System Integrity team of Windows Security. She started full-time at Microsoft in 2004 after undergraduate and graduate work at MIT and assorted internship stints. She puts academic knowledge into practice by spending time on TPM and BitLocker administration, enterprise backup and recovery, and other areas…


Purna Gathani

I work in System Integrity-BitLocker Team as a Program Manager managing TAP customers to validate and gather feedback on pre-release products. I have been at Microsoft for 7 yrs primarily supporting and managing Enterprise customer needs.


Tony Ureche, Ph.D.

Tony is a Program Manager for the System Integrity part of the Windows Security team. Tony is working on key management, standards compliance and threat modeling. He has been working at Microsoft for over 6 years on several security technologies. He has an extensive background in network security and software engineering.


Byron Hynes

I’m Byron Hynes. I am part of Windows Server User Assistance (WSUA), where I focus on our security technologies, including BitLocker Drive Encryption and others. My job is about getting useful information to our customers who use our products to get their jobs done, so I contribute content to help files, articles, and web sites….