Welcome to the BitLocker™ Drive Encryption Team blog!

The focus of this blog is to post technical content on a range of topics, but especially how you, our customers, can use BitLocker. Posts will include things like:

  • Announcements of new documents, articles or updates
  • Explanations of key BitLocker concepts
  • BitLocker Tips and tricks
  • Deployment "gotchas" and how to avoid them
  • Common issues and lessons learned
  • How-To's
  • And other things that you tell you'd like to see. To suggest topics, send us an E-mail at bdebidea@microsoft.com.

We plan to update the blog bi-weekly.

Posts are written by team members who work on different areas of the BitLocker feature. BitLocker is part of the System Integrity group in Windows Security. Logistics are managed by Purna Gathani and Byron Hynes.

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