A suggestion for online social networkers

I was contacted by someone who is a vendor to Microsoft about connecting on LinkedIn.  I’m sure this guy is a good guy, and would be happy to link up with him.  However, I think it dilutes the power of the network to link to just anyone, so I suggested that we get together for lunch,…


Networking and headhunting

I haven’t posted on networking in a while, so I thought I’d get something up here on that topic.  When I was job hunting about 2 years ago, I posted my resume on Hotjobs and Monster (as one would expect).  When I was considering options outside of my previous employer, I spruced up my resumes and…


How to get started in online social networking

I’ve had some people get in touch with me about wanting to get started with social networking sites, and wanting to link to me.  Some people will link to anyone that asks, and taht is certainly one way to work things.  I would rather link only to people I know pretty well.  This increases the…


LinkedIn Changes

Roberdan has a post about changes going on at LinkedIn.  I’ve not personally witnessed success with LinkedIn, but I do have social networking to thank for my current position.  I think that anything that can help you extend and work with your network has to be a good thing.  


The Power of Networking (Social Networking, that is!)

Originally Posted 04/23/2004 03:46:58 PM If I ever do get hired by Microsoft, it will owe a great deal to the power of networking.  I’m talking about personal networking here for all you tech people out there.  Here’s how things started in my full court press on MSFT:  several weeks ago I saw a job…