Coolest device of the show (so far?)

On the way to lunch today, I was approached by someone with a small black device just a bit too large to fit in your shirt pocket.  It turns out that it is an OQO, a device she billed as “the smallest Vista PC in the world”.  This thing was pretty amazing, featuring 1GB of RAM…


What's a PM do to unwind?

I consider myself a pretty typical PM, and like most PMs at Microsoft, I like to unwind by playing bass drum in a bagpipe band.  You can see me doing just that with my band, the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band, in this photo.


Wow! Microsoft Surface looks pretty cool!

There’s been a lot of buzz around Microsoft regarding the Microsoft Surface announcement today.  I had seen this a while back at TechFest, the internal event put on by Microsoft Research every year.  At the time I thought it was really cool.  But I’ve got to say, checking out the videos at, the production…


The Joy of Hand Off

There’s nothing like handing off to the Release Manager and being “done” with your project.  After many months and lots of twists and turns, I’ve handed the final pieces of the Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs off to Karina (our RM) who is taking what we created and getting “out there”.  We haven’t shipped…


Tech Ed Bound!

I will be going to Tech Ed again this year.  I’ll be working at our “Security & Compliance” booth, and presenting a chalk talk on the first day of the show.  I’m also conducting a side meeting to discuss problems related to secure collaboration that our customers are having. I love going to Tech Ed…


Do you IM? Make it count more!

If you IM, you can make it count more by using Windows Live Messenger.  Basically, Microsoft will share a portion of the advertising revenue with one of several major charities.  Participating is a breeze, just change your display name in the Live Messenger client.  Visit to learn more about this exciting opportunity to give a…


Have you heard about CodePlex?

If you are familiar with SourceForge, you might want to check out CodePlex.  According to their website, CodePlex ( is “Microsoft’s open source project hosting web site.”  It has a lot of the features that SourceForge provides (issue tracker, discussions, source code distribution, etc.), but has one really cool feature: it is based on Microsoft’s Vistual Studio…


Patent Cubes

One of the cool things about working at Microsoft (a lot of my posts begin this way, don’t they?) is that they encourage you to file patents on cool ideas that you’ve had.  I’ve had lots of (I think) great ideas throughout my life (haven’t we all), but since I’ve been at Microsoft, I’ve filed…


Not work related, but still cool...

I am in training to run a marathon.  I will (hopefully) be running the Spirit of St. Louis Marathon on April 15th of this year.  I’m 9 weeks into my training program, and am blogging my program at



I just sat in on a presentation about the launch plans for Windows Vista.  All I can say is “Wow!”  You should definitely plan to pick up your personal copy of Vista (I recommend Home Premium for most home users and Ultimate for the uber-geeks) on January 30th when the launch is in full swing…