The Joy of Hand Off

There’s nothing like handing off to the Release Manager and being “done” with your project.  After many months and lots of twists and turns, I’ve handed the final pieces of the Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs off to Karina (our RM) who is taking what we created and getting “out there”.  We haven’t shipped just yet, and there’s still time for something to pop up (as happened yesterday), but (knock on wood) we will be releasing to web soon.

Today I had my first nearly stress-free day in a months.  Note that not every day is a “high blood pressure” stress fest, but as a PM, you are always the butt on the line for the project, and so you always carry that responsibility.  Now that I’ve handed everything off to Release, I was able to relax a bit and take care of some things I’d been putting off (reviewing a patent submission, looking into some online training, registering for sessions on PM Day, etc.)  It was really nice! 

Soon I will be starting Envisioning on my next project, but until then I’m enjoying a bit of a breather.  This is the life!


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