Patent Cubes

One of the cool things about working at Microsoft (a lot of my posts begin this way, don’t they?) is that they encourage you to file patents on cool ideas that you’ve had.  I’ve had lots of (I think) great ideas throughout my life (haven’t we all), but since I’ve been at Microsoft, I’ve filed two of them with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  There’s no telling if either will actually be issued a patent, but I did receive two cool black marble cubes engraved with my name, the name of the invention, and the date of the patent filing.  These black patent cubes are I nice way to be recognized for your good work creating intellectual property for the company.

The good news is that I had another idea accepted to be filed as a patent recently.  That will make 3 patent cubes in 3 years.  Not too shabby!!!

Comments (2)

  1. bernard says:

    It’s good to be a Gamma.

    It’s good to be a Gamma.

    It’s good to be a Gamma.

    It’s good to be a …

  2. Sean says:

    Hey, the "self-serve tatoo" and "glass bottom bus" were my ideas!

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