TechReady Presentations

I presented yesterday and again today at TechReady 4.  TechReady is Microsoft's internal conference where our field personnel come in to learn about new products, get training, schmooze with each other and HQ personnel, etc.  Think of it as Tech Ed for Microsoft people.

TechReady may be the toughest presentations you can do as a Microsoft employee.  The field personnel are really knowledgable, and often have strong opinions about the products, etc.  Therefore, pointed questions are common, and can really put the presenter on the hot seat.  While it can be uncomfortable if you are up on stage, it really is understandable: these people have to sell your stuff to their customers.

It's cool that Microsoft does such a great conference for their people.  Tonight they are capping off the conference with a really great party down on the waterfront.  Unfortunately, I'm not able to go...

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