Another perk of working at Microsoft

One of the coolest things (at least for a technogeek) of working at Microsoft is getting to check out new stuff before it’s released.  You get to see the process of new products being built, you get to see the iterations they go through, and sometimes even get to influence how the product works when…


Windows Vista just keeps getting better and better!

I’ve been running more and more recent versions of Windows Vista, and each one just gets better and better.  At this point they are putting in a lot of the fit and finish things that really make the system nice to use. I suggest that you keep an eye on and install the RC1 build if you get a chance. …


Laptop Data Protection: Please fill out our survey!

Are you responsible for data protection on your organization’s mobile computers?  If so, we need your help! My team has just begun a project focused on protecting data on laptops against loss or theft.  To ensure that we deliver a solution that is as useful as possible, we need to really understand our customers’ requirements. …



It’s Day 4 of TechEd, and the attendees are starting to run down.  Attending conferences like this one can be extremely exhausting:  you are being firehosed with information, walking from one end of the convention center to the other, being fed food that is probably not good for you (although those ice cream bars are…


Session went well

My TechEd presentation went relatively well, considering I was talking about regulatory compliance at 8:30 in the morning halfway through the conference.  I also lined up a number of people to attend a focus group that I was running later in the day.


Microsoft releases the Regulatory Compliance Planning Guide

Yesterday, my team shipped the Regulatory Compliance Planning Guide.  This guide is available at The Planning Guide: shows IT professionals how they can use an IT controls framework to help address IT compliance requirements, includes a mapping of several significant regulations and standards, including Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and Health Insurance Portability and…


TechEd presentation coming tomorrow

I am presenting at TechEd on regulatory compliance tomorrow at 8:30am.  The presentation will coincide with a new guide that my team is releasing.  Today and tonight will be spent preparing for my presentation.  I’m looking forward to having this behind me.  I’m not nervous (although maybe I should be!), but I’d just as soon…


TechEd 2006 Opportunity – Information Protection Focus Group

If you are at TechEd this week and would be willing to take an hour to discuss your problems around information protection, please send me an email.  I am trying to understand the pains IT pros have around protecting information, including rights management, secure mail, B2B communications, data classification, etc. Get back to me and…


20/20 update

In case any of you are interested, I’m getting close to the end of my 20/20 program at the PRO Club.  I have gone from 221.5 around the end of January to 177.5 today.  I’ve lost a total of 44 lbs! If you want to read more, check out


Why do the Brits have all the best TV shows?!

Apparently, there’s a new show on Channel 4 in the UK called “The IT Crowd”.  It’s quite apropos for us Microsoft geeks.  You can see the first episode at  It is pretty funny, but nowhere near as funny as maybe the greatest TV show of all time, Father Ted (which, incidentally, was also on…