Envisioning Phase Complete, On to the Planning Phase!

Well, after lots of last minute changes, I have received approval from my stakeholders that I can proceed to the Planning phase.  I can say that it was a somewhat painful process to go through, especially because I needed a fair number of signatures, but I can say with certainty that the process resulted in a better vision and scope for the project.

I have now proceeded to the Planning phase, which is much more like a typical project management activity.  In this phase I'm doing project planning, a design specification, project team structure planning, hiring resources, establishing change control, etc.

My biggest problem right now is dealing with the fact that the development lead is going to be on a sailboat for critical 6 week period right in the middle of the build phase.  He has assured us that even though he is living on a boat, he will be connecting every couple days and will be working from the boat.

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