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I haven't posted on networking in a while, so I thought I'd get something up here on that topic.  When I was job hunting about 2 years ago, I posted my resume on Hotjobs and Monster (as one would expect).  When I was considering options outside of my previous employer, I spruced up my resumes and kept them visible on these two sites.  I regularly was contact about opportunities from these two channels.

You are probably asking what this has to do with networking.  Well, I'll tell you:  Even when I am not actively looking for a job, I've always kept my resume active on these sites.  By doing so, I can help out people in my network.  I may not be interested in a new position, but I know a lot of people like me that may be interested in a move.  When I get contacted by a recruiter, I

  1. forward the request to an appropriate friend (if applicable),
  2. reply to the recruiter that I am not interested but that I would like to help him/her make connections with my network, and
  3. add the recruiter to my list of contacts.

This can definitely help you to develop a long list of recruiters that can help you when you need them to.  In addition, it can help you help the people in your network (remember the first rule of networking: help yourself by helping others first).  Finally, it can dramatically expand the size of your network, since recruiters are some of the most connected people out there.

Is it false advertising to leave your resume active on Monster when you aren't looking for a job?  I don't think so, especially if you will actively assist those that contact you to find appropriate candidates for their opportunities.


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  1. shrini says:

    Good one bill. other day , I had similar argument with one of my friend whose company took him for task for posting the resume on web. I told him to put something similar to their employers. if a perticular employer feels bad or insecure when his employees start putting their resumes on the web — Some times this could be an issue to employer.

    Thanks for this short but neat post

  2. Adwait Ullal says:


    Totally agree with you … in fact, I get so many requests that I have started a Yahoo groups ( so I can distribute it to my colleagues (and subscribers).

    – Adwait

  3. gretchen says:

    Hi Bill – Great idea! Networking is key even when you are happy in your job. Your point-of-view is a refreshing change from the usual "I can’t believe a recruiter had the nerve to contact me" comments. Personally, I’m very happy when a recruiter cold calls me, and I always call them back.

  4. Bill Canning says:

    Recruiters can be your best friend when you are looking for a job (duh!) In addition, since they deal with so many people, they are a networking gold mine.

    Notice to Microsoft readers: I am not looking for a new job! Jeez, I’ve only been here a month!

  5. jason davis says:

    Great post. I originally saw it on the Microsoft recruiting blog.

    I know that those who are nice to recruiters who happen to be right for the position they are being recruited for will ultimately benefit. I have seen it hundreds of times.

    I will will visit your site often now that I know about it.



  6. Tony Alexander says:

    Listen everybody:

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  7. Michele Robinholt says:

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  8. Michele Robinholt says:

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