Holiday Parties

It is holiday party time at Microsoft.  I went to a party at the house of my team leader on Saturday.  It was really nice, and my wife and I had a great time.  It’s nice to have coworkers that you like, not just have to work with.

On Thursday, my overall group (Core Infrastructure Services) is having a big holiday party this Thursday at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville.  I will not be able to attend because I have a family function that day.  I would have liked to attend, but there’s always next year…

It is nice to see companies having holiday parties again.  The past two years (at least), we have not had holiday parties, mostly because business was not particularly good.  I guess this is just one more indication that things are on the upswing.

Comments (1)

  1. Dave Fourputtinski says:

    Too bad about not being able to make it to the Redhook Brewery.

    At least have a Redhook ESB to make up for it.

    And why oh why did Redhook stop making their Hefeweizen?

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