Giant AntiSpyware (Good) and XoftSpy (No comment)

Some of the conversation I heard around here is that Giant AntiSpyware is good stuff and is well recommended.  So, I thought I'd give it a try on my home PC.

Of course the first thing I did was Google "Giant Spyware", and up comes a web site that says:

There is a product called Giant spyware, but most people we have dealt with preferred using the XoftSpy product because of XoftSpy's expanded capabilities to be able to remove a variety of threats compared to Giant spyware.

In addition, there is a picture of a software box with a PC Magazine logo next to it.  Not a PC Magazine Editor's Choice logo, just the magazine logo.  I went to the PC Magazine web site and searched for "XoftSpy" and got no hits!  I did a little more research and XoftSpy has registered numerous domains by proxy related to spyware.

So, let's review:  The makers of XoftSpy have:

  • Gamed Google to come up when you are searching on their competitor's product
  • Gamed Yahoo in the same way, to the point that Giant Company had to sponsor a link on the Yahoo page to come out on top of a search for their own company
  • Attempt to imply that they received some sort of endorsement from PC Magazine (maybe they really did, but I couldn't verify it)
  • Registered multiple domain names by proxy to hide their identity

It makes me wonder if XoftSpy might not be worse than the spyware that's currently on your system!  (Please note that

Anyway, I got the Giant AntiSpyware and tried it out.  It seemed to do a very good job in ferreting out about 12 different variants of spyware on my system and cleaned them up with no problem.  Of course, the problem with spyware is you never know if you got rid of it all.  Still, I suggest that you try this software out.

NOTE: All opinions are my own and are made in my capacity as an individual and not an employee of any company.  Further, these opinions in no way reflect the views of my employer (just in case that last sentence did not do it for you!).

UPDATE: Please see the comment posted by the CEO of ParetoLogic, the makers of XoftSpy.

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  1. AJ says:

    Gee thanks for posting the link.

  2. ricardo rocha says:

    it happenned the same thing with me…but I did already installed Gian in my PC..that im delighted with it!

    tank you for your information, because I was already searching fot Xsoftspy 😛

    Hugs from Portugal

    Luis Figo–> the best player in the world;)

  3. shadwone says:

    Microsoft has acquired Giant Company

  4. Jeff McCaffrey says:

    Funny, I found your page after Googling Giant for the same reason. Any idea if MS is going to have a "corporate" version of AntiSpyware (or did Giant offer one)? We are using a competitor’s Corporate version (not the best) and are looking at another. Would be interested in something that will work with AD policies. Thanks!

  5. Bill Canning says:

    Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming! I guess my taste in Anti-spyware software is similar to someone else’s at Microsoft.

  6. Paretologic says:

    Thankyou for your posting. Paretologic Inc. has been notified of the above noted Xoftspy affiliate website, and has been in contact with the webmaster. The site will be changed immediately, and will reflect accurate and constructive statements with regards to the Xoftspy product as well as those of other products mentioned on the same site as our own.

    We do not currently advertise the Xoftspy product through the use of Payperclick search engines, or employ the services of any search engine optimization company. Our company websites, and, appear on various search engines within natural search results only (we dont ‘game’ the results).

    ParetoLogic has changed the domain registry information on all owned domains, to reflect our company address. ‘Domains by Proxy’ domain registrations are used by some Clickbank affiliate sites.

    The affiliate site you’ve mentioned, has been notified of their improper use of the PC Magazine editors choice logo. The webmaster has said the logo was left over from a former product, was a temporary oversight, and will be removed immediately.

    Xoftspy 4.02 has just been released this month and is very effective at detecting over 17000 known malware threats. Registration is required to activate all functions including threat removal. Registered users also receive ALL product and pest definition updates for life!

    ParetoLogic has recently partnered with privately owned Canadian software firm Mercurial Communications. Mercurial provides innovative consulting and development solutions to many corporate clients across both the public and private sectors. Their impressive client list includes Boeing, Applied Microsystems, Netscape and most recently AOL.

    We are confident that you will find that the all new Xoftspy Antispyware product performs exceptionally well, and will effectively cleanse your PC of many malware associated annoyances and problems.

    I sincerely hope my response has satisfactorly addressed the concerns mentioned in your post. If you have any suggestions or comments that you feel would help us improve or enhance our product and services, please contact us directly at

    Don Wharton CEO

  7. AJ says:

    To the msdn community:

    I am the affiliate in question with the above referenced posts.

    We intended no harm or misrepresentation in this matter and the graphic was an oversight and left over from a previous campaign affiliation.

    We formally apologize to both Giant, XoftSpy and the blog members here.

    The pages and graphics have been changed as Mr. Wharton said they would.

    Thank you for your understanding,


  8. Chris Pimentel says:

    I think the new microsoft product is great and run it myself, but it’s listing my company. Any idea’s on how I might get in touch with someone to discuss how to deal with this?

  9. Bill Canning says:


    I’ve been informed that you may contact our anti-spyware team with this sort of issue at the following URL:

    Good luck,


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