My first Microsoft CXO Sighting

Today I was at the Pro Club in Bellevue, a gym to which almost everyone at Microsoft belongs.  I arrived at around 7:15am and as I walked into the locker room I saw Steve Ballmer (or someone that looks remarkably like him!) pulling on his pants!  In case you don't know, Steve Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft and the 19th richest person in the world.


Comments (3)

  1. GW says:

    Slow life?

  2. Bill Canning says:

    Yep, I guess so…

  3. randy says:

    I dunno about "slow life". It’s also sorta odd when you a person that’s been plastered all over the news, articles, and web pages in a real-life environment like a gym locker room. Even if you don’t expect it to, it still makes you go "Hmm".

    I think it’s more like almost everyone at Pro Club is a Microsoft employee (or spouse) b/c there are a bunch of employees that live on the plateau and elsewhere that think Pro Club is too far to go to… they get other gyms to choose from, but I personally like Pro Club more than the rest. And yep, Ballmer is a member there still 🙂

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