Popcorn Time at Microsoft

Apparently, Friday afternoon is Popcorn Time on the south wing of the 1st floor of Building 18 at Microsoft!  Generally, someone seems to fire up the popcorn popper (picture one of those big machines from the movie theater and you'll have the idea) every Friday afternoon.  A little popcorn makes an excellent afternoon snack!

This brings up an embarassing story: on Friday of my first week, I thought I'd make the popcorn for the floor.  I dutifully followed the instructions taped to the door of the popper; that is, except for step 4.  Unfortunately, step 4 (the only step so important that it was written in big red letters) said to close the lid of the popping mechanism.  Oops!  I left the lid open and left the kitchen area, secure in the knowledge that I would return a few minutes later to mountains of tasty popcorn!  Instead, I returned to my boss' boss standing in the kitchen and staring at the popcorn popper as it spewed hot oil and unpopped popcorn kernels all over the inside of the popper.  Jeff informed me that some idiot didn't close the lid, which was surprising since it is so clearly spelled out in the instructions!  I don't recall if I admitted that it was me (I think I did), but I was pretty embarrassed!

This raises an age-old question: How come when you do something good or impressive, no one is there to witness it, but when you do something stupid, you always have an audience?!


Comments (2)

  1. Greg Van Pelt says:

    Ha,ha, I am laughing so hard that I’m falling out of my chair! What a great story. I start on Monday way over in building 34, so I will watch out for any popcorn machines in my vicinity. I’m a tech. writer so I know what you mean about missing the obvious instructions (it happens all the time in real life). That’s why I have job security!

  2. JeffNew says:

    Waitasec, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t use the term "idiot"… although it may have been implied!

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