MSN Spaces (Blog Hosting) Beta

There is a huge amount of excitement in the internal MS blogging community as MSN has launched a beta of its MSN Spaces site.  This is a blog hosting site that seems to have a lot of cool features, such as image hosting, blogging via email, and so on.  The link is  Go check it out...

Comments (2)

  1. Sean Bethune says:

    Hi Bill,

    There’s been an avalanche in blogspace about the new MSN spaces. Glad to see you add your snowflake.

    I’ve been looking for a public blog myself and since the price was right, I figured "why not". After getting things setup I was reasonably impressed with the configuration and setup procedures, but…

    1. The A-team bloggers are going to complain since they want to customize everything. From what I could tell, Spaces is blogging for Grandma.

    2. It is more than a little annoying how slow it is, I mean like cold road tar slow.

    Lastly, I need to try BlogJet for offline blogging since I usually find time to write when I’m offline — which I hope to make a thing of the past using WiMAX.


  2. Bill Canning says:

    The MSN guys on the internal discussions have been quick to point out that this is a beta, not a production rollout. In addition, the sites are apparently getting hammered by people such as you!

    I agree with your statement that this is not an option for the power bloggers; they are going to want MT or something more powerful to have full control over things. This is clearly aimed at typical home users, and it seems that it pretty well hits this mark.

    We’ll see…

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