Unchained Melodies

It is so nice being able to listen to music (or whatever) without headphones!  At my previous employer we were I lived in a cubicle and could only listen to music with headphones.  It was like a leash that chained you to your PC.  What a pain in the neck that was, with the cord getting caught on things, not being able to stand up or even reach for something on the other side of the cubicle.  There is so much more freedom when you can close your door, turn on your tunes, and rock out!  Yet one more Microsoft perq!

FYI, I bought the Creative Labs I-trigue 3300 PC speakers and I am really enjoying them.  For $50 after rebate, I think they were a pretty good deal.

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  1. Arif Khan says:

    One fellow I know utilized this closing door technique for taking afternoon naps! Of course he was not working for microsoft : )

    Btw .. great blog … its gives a very profound insight of the culture!

    Greetings from Phoenix!

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