Lunchtime Conversation: Tivo vs. Microsoft TV Foundation Edition

Just to give you some idea of what goes on here, I had lunch with a five people in my team today and we spent the entire time discussing (and arguing about) the relative merits of Tivo vis-a-vis Microsoft TV.  Apparently, Tivo has Linux at the core (is this true?), so that was one strike against Tivo for the Microsoft crowd!

The catalyst for this was an announcement the other day that Comcast would be releasing a DVR based on MS technology.  This DVR apparently handles HD as well as normal feeds.  As a Comcast customer, I think I'm going to give this thing a try and see how it works.  My wife has been wanting a DVR, and this one will kill many birds with one stone:

  1. Hook Cheryl (my wife) up with a DVR,
  2. Support my employer,
  3. Save some money (maybe...)

Apparently, when you are surrounded by technology that touches so many facets of your life, it is hard to ignore it or get away from it.

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