Who is BillCan?

I guess I haven't actually introduced myself.  My name is Bill Canning, and I have recently take a position as a program manager in the Microsoft Solutions for Security group (at Microsoft, of course!)  For context, here is a bit of information about me:

  • I have worked for (in order): Washington University Medical School, University of Missouri - Columbia, Edward Jones, IBM, Edward Jones (again!), Ernst & Young, Washington Mutual, and Microsoft.
  • I have lived in: Omaha, Nebraska (5 years), St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri (28 years), Scottsdale, Arizona (5 years), and Issaquah, Washington (2 years).
  • I have a BA in Classics and an MBA with an emphasis on Management Information Systems.  In addition, I am a CISSP.

If you have comments, complaints, suggestions, etc., I can be reached at billcan@microsoft.com If messages to this address bounce, try willcan@microsoft.com.

Comments (1)

  1. Vatsan says:

    How did you come to have two aliases? I tried to change mine, and ‘they’ told me that I didn’t have a business case 😐

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