Last post of the year

This is my last post this year, and as such it is a good time to reflect on the last roughly two months at Microsoft.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Relationships are extremely important, and you should never burn any bridges.  People move around here a lot, so just because you are leaving a…


Regulatory Compliance Question

During my career, I have been on three sides of the SOX issue: At Ernst & Young I was worried about how to audit for SOX compliance At my previous employer I was an application owner that had to fill out the SOX compliance questionnaires and ensure my application had appropriate controls in order comply…


Blogging your job search

When I first decided I wanted to land a job at Microsoft, I decided that I would blog my job search.  I knew that I was interested in knowing a) how to get a job at Microsoft, and 2) what the interview process was like.  I figured there were other people like me that would…


A suggestion for online social networkers

I was contacted by someone who is a vendor to Microsoft about connecting on LinkedIn.  I’m sure this guy is a good guy, and would be happy to link up with him.  However, I think it dilutes the power of the network to link to just anyone, so I suggested that we get together for lunch,…


Another Microsoft blogging milestone

Well, that’s two milestones out of the way:  I’ve already been linked to by Robert Scoble (, and now I’ve gotten linked to by the Moon Gals, Gretchen and Zoe(! I’m on a roll, baby!


Microsoft acquires Giant Company

Wow, I post about Giant AntiSpyware being a good product and Microsoft turns around and buys them two days later!  I didn’t realize that I was so influential! Here’s a link with the announcement:


Networking and headhunting

I haven’t posted on networking in a while, so I thought I’d get something up here on that topic.  When I was job hunting about 2 years ago, I posted my resume on Hotjobs and Monster (as one would expect).  When I was considering options outside of my previous employer, I spruced up my resumes and…


Comcast DVR box gets MS Logo

I just noticed today that on my Comcast DVR box, when you go to the My DVR menu, there is a little Microsoft TV logo up in the right top corner of the screen.  I think this is new, because I had heard that they had done no Microsoft branding on the box when it…


My project gets underway

Over the past two weeks, my group has been trying to make a decision as to what my project was going to focus on.  As a reminder, my group writes security guidance documents for use by Microsoft customers of all sizes.  Anyway, for about two weeks, I was actually pushing two projects forward through the…


Holiday Parties

It is holiday party time at Microsoft.  I went to a party at the house of my team leader on Saturday.  It was really nice, and my wife and I had a great time.  It’s nice to have coworkers that you like, not just have to work with. On Thursday, my overall group (Core Infrastructure…