Automating data collection with Powershell

One of the challenges with analyzing complex Exchange issues is data collection. Once the server goes into the failed state, any data collection at that point only shows us what the failed state looks like. It doesn't show us how it went from working to failing, and sometimes, that's what we need to see in…

Directory Name Must Be Less Than 248 Characters

Over the holiday weekend, I was deleting some old projects out of my coding projects folder when Powershell returned an error stating, "The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters." I found…

TNEF property problem update

Back in January, I wrote a blog post about PF replication failing due to corrupt TNEF. The problem is caused by the presence of a couple of properties that have been deprecated and shouldn't be present on items anymore. At the time I wrote that post, we thought you could run the cleanup script to…

MfcMapi error when opening public folders

There are a lot of little problems I run across that I never investigate, simply because there's no impact and no one seems to care. I have my hands full investigating issues that people actually care about, so investing time to chase down something else is usually not a good use of my time.

Working around findstr's regexp limitations

It's my job to solve difficult problems involving Exchange Server, and this often involves a lot of various types of tracing. Almost daily, I find myself needing to parse through huge amounts of text to find the relevant information. For one issue alone, I currently have over 20 GB of traces in the form of…

LDAP send queue limits cause event 2070 and 2084

I recently worked on an issue where the domain controllers kept intentionally disconnecting the Exchange servers. The error messages that described the reason for the disconnect were rather misleading, and we ended up wasting quite a bit of time taking steps that had no chance of improving the situation. In this blog post, I'm going…

Cleaning up Microsoft Exchange System Objects – part 2

In a post last month, called Cleaning up Microsoft Exchange System Objects (MESO), I described how to determine which objects can be eliminated from the MESO container if you have completely removed public folders from your environment. But what if you still have public folders?

Event 9414 means your OAB is missing objects

Today, I want to highlight a behavior that isn't really called out anywhere in any existing documentation I can find. This is the behavior that occurs when Offline Address Book generation on Exchange 2010 logs an event 9414, such as this one:

Mailbox lock contention in Exchange 2013

We're seeing some cases where contention for the mailbox lock causes errors on Exchange 2013. In a post over on my new blog, I describe how to identify this situation:

Delegated setup fails in Exchange 2013

In Exchange 2013, a member of Delegated Setup can't install Exchange if legacy administrative groups exist. I describe the problem over on my new blog, and provide a simple script to work around it: