ExFolders for Exchange 2010 Sp1

A few of you emailed me when you noticed an error running ExFolders on Exchange 2010 SP1, which was recently released. Attempting to navigate into a mailbox would throw an error stating, “Error: Method not found.” This was due to some changes in the DLLs that ExFolders relies on.

We’ve just posted a new version of ExFolders that works properly with Sp1. You can find it here.

The RTM version is still available for download as well. Be aware that the RTM version won’t work on Sp1, and the Sp1 version won’t work on RTM, as far as navigating into mailboxes.

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  1. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Reggie, on the Details tab of the properties page of ExFolders.exe, what is the build number?

  2. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Hi Michael,

    I don’t understand how that is happening on SP3 RU5. In my lab it seems to work. It would take some troubleshooting to figure out what’s going on.

    Can you share what the scenario is that you want to solve with the tool? I’m working on replacing ExFolders with a new tool that is easier to support, and I want to make sure the most common scenarios are covered.

  3. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    David, what are the exact steps that lead to the error? Are you saying it happens when you right-click and choose Recover Folder? If so, please download the Procdump tool. Launch ExFolders and then run procdump as follows:

    procdump -e -ma exfolders.exe

    At that point, reproduce the error, and procdump should generate a dump file. Use the "Email Blog Author" link at the top right of this page to let me know you have the dump file.

  4. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve just added this functionality to the MAPIFolders tool. Please see:
    https://mapifolders.codeplex.com/workitem/6 The example syntax I show there exports the ptagFID property, which is what you want.

    Also, be sure to read the requirements:

    If you have any problem with it, please post there. Thank you!

  5. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Panos, this is a little late, but the link is up in the post where it says "you can find it here." Click on "here". 🙂

  6. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Switchgott, if your Exchange version is showing as 14.00, you are not on Sp1. If you were, it would be 14.01.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi all,

    I installed today the Exfolder+SP1 and later on an Exch 2010 SP1 but i receive this messge when i try to connect to a mailbox :

    "Method not found: 'Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal.FromLegacyDN(System.String, Boolean)'"

    Any Idea

  8. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Please make sure you're using the correct version. That error should only occur if you're running the Sp1 build on an RTM server, or the RTM build on an Sp1 server.

  9. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Hein, that is probably due to a bug in ExFolders that I have been trying to fix. I hope to have an updated version soon.

  10. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Hey Doug, I haven’t heard of that. Are you sure the stack trace is non-specific? That might show me where it’s failing.

  11. Bill Long [Exchange] says:

    Hein, that issue is fixed in the latest build which is now available at the usual link.

  12. jperez333 says:


    I am using Exchange 2010 SP1 and the SP1 version of exFolders and I am still getting the "method not found error"… any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Adam Brown says:

    Receiving the below when clicking on user and attempting expand his/her properties.

    EX2010 with SP1

    Method not found: 'Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal.FromLegacyDN(System.String, Boolean)'.

  14. jl.rad says:

    Does this tool work with Exchange 2010 SP2?  I have read the readme, ran the reg file but app just crashes when I try to run.

  15. jl.rad says:

    Trying to run ExFolders.exe from C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Bin

  16. JL.Rad says:

    Sorry It is SP1, was looking at the wrong label.  Can't get it to run though

  17. Guys i cant find the ExFolders utility. Any ideas of the direct link??

  18. reggie2 says:

    Did anybody ever get this to work? I am still getting the same Error: Method not found. I am running Exchnage Server 2010 version 14.01.0289.001 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard…I downloaded and extracted the version of EXFolders above…it says ver. 2.8….what am I doing wrong?

  19. Switchgott says:


    i got the same problem on exchange 2010 Sp1.

    Error:Method not found.

    Exchange Version 14.00.0722.000

  20. David Menegat says:

    Not working. I get a message saying application has stopped working. Nothing. I need a folder recovered it is there but no-one has permission not even the person who deleted it.

  21. ralph b says:

    Correct. Had the same symptoms and this new version solved my problems.

    Thank you

  22. Hein says:

    I get ExFolder SP1 running on my Exchabge Sp1 server but i get the message "Error: Cannot open maibox etc etc"

    Running ExFolders as Admin. Anybody got a hint as to why my ExFolders is not cooperating?

  23. loesch says:

    Running Exchange 2010 SP3 w/ rollup 1. Exfolders gives "Logged on user does not have FullAccess to this mailbox". I've verified that the user I'm logged in as does in fact have full access. I also am able to modify permissions using Powershell as the same user. Any idea?

  24. Gilles says:


    I'm trying to use ExFodlers on Exchange 2010 SP3.

    Regarding Publics Folders, all is running fine .. but for mailbox, I can't see subfolders. My admin account is granted full mailbox access, I can find it on the database, but when I expand the mailbox (using the + ) .. nothing  happens, the windows stay blanck.

    Any ideas ?

  25. Doug B says:

    hey Bill, I’ve had this working in the past on E2K10 SP3 using the latest code, however we have recently upgraded our AD to W2K12 R2. Have you heard of people having issues at that level? Popup error we receive is ‘ExFolders could not be initialized. Exception: There is no such object on the server’ and then some non-specific stack trace info. any ideas? account being used has full perms. thanks! Doug

  26. Michael D says:

    I’ve download the version of the product here:
    When I launch ExFolders, I can connect to a mailboxes databases, it display the mailboxes list, but if I want to expand one mailboxe I’ve the error (in french):
    Error: Méthode introuvable : ‘Microsoft.Exchange.data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal.FromLegacyDN(System.String, Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.RemotingOptions)’.
    The System is under Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 (French)
    Exchange have SP3 and Update Rollup 5

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