Photo Editor error after security update

Microsoft Photo Editor

Error Reading File


With Security Update MS10-105 (KB2289162) installed.

We found it happens if the image has a width of 2,731 or greater. If you open the image in Paint and go to Image menu, Attributes… (CTRL+E), change the Width to 2,730 or less, then save. The file should now open.

This is currently under investigation. I’ll post back if we have more information to provide. If you need more information in the meantime please contact Customer Service and Support at 800-MICROSOFT or

Comments (3)

  1. Mathew says:

    Have your come across a fix for this issue.

  2. Rasika says:

    If i remove the update will i be able to open and rezie photos.

  3. joan says:

    Has this issue been resolved?  Every time I can't open a file in photo editor I have to delete KB2289162 GPFILT.  this solves the problem until the next update occurs, when it is reinstalled.  How can I remove this update permanently?

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