Visio issue with Kaspersky saving as PDF

We’ve had a couple reports of users saving as PDF from Visio using the Microsoft Save As PDF/XPS add-in that now ships with Office 2007 SP2. What happens is when you try to save a Visio drawing as PDF you receive an error message:


"This file is open in another instance of Visio or in another program" 1400035

It only seems to happen when saving the PDF to a directory different than the directory the Visio drawing is stored in.

We’ve only seen this with Kaspersky anti-virus. The only workaround I’ve heard works is to add an exception in Kaspersky for the Visio application (VISIO.EXE).

This most recent report was with Visio 2007 on Windows XP.

Comments (8)

  1. nathaniel says:

    This occurs when saving to the SAME directory as the Original Document.. I have to save it on a different hard drive.. it's rediculous.

  2. Holly says:

    Thank you! Had no idea Kapersky was causing this and have been trying everything! Thanks for posting this!

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  4. anothersphere says:

    Still happening in 2012

  5. Ken Davis says:

    Had this same problem, added an application exception for VISO2010 in kaspersky and files were able to be saved as PDF using the "save as" command.

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