How to play a video across multiple slides in PowerPoint 2010

If you have a PowerPoint file from a previous version and haven't upgraded the video object yet, you can still use the Play Across Slides under the Video Tools/Playback tab.

The term "upgraded the video object" in 2010 refers to either 1) File tab, then clicking 'Convert'; 2) Saving as PPTX; or 3) right-clicking on the media object and clicking 'Upgrade Media Object'

However, if you're working in a new PowerPoint file, or it has been fully converted, or a media object has been upgraded you need to change the setting in the Animations tab in Effect Options.


1. Launch PowerPoint and insert a video into the new presentation using the Insert tab, and select the Video icon, select the video and click Insert.

2. Select the video

3. Click on the Animations tab, in the Animation gallery change Pause button to Play button

4. Under the Animations tab, to the lower right of the Effect Options button click on the little arrow pointing down to the right (Show Additional Effect Options).

5. In the Play Video window, under the Effect tab in the Stop playing section, select After,

6. Change the number of slides to how ever many slides you want the selected video to play accross. In my example I changed the setting to 5 slides.

6. Click OK.

You'll obviously need more slides if you're using the exact steps from scratch in this example, where I created a blank presentation and inserted the video onto the only slide in it. So if you want to demo these steps exactly, please make sure to insert at lest give slides using the New Slide command under the Home tab.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up !!!

  2. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Select the video in the slide, under the Video Tools ribbon on the top of the screen select the Playback tab. Change the Start drop-down box from "On Click" to "Automatically".

  3. Kevin says:

    PowerPoint finally has the ability to have text over video and if you try to make it flow into more that one page all the text goes back to behind the video.  What's up with that?

  4. a.h.gilbert says:

    You are my hero!

  5. SB says:

    How do I advance to next slide w/o stopping the video? I'm trying to play video over 5 slides. I have text that appears next to video on each slide that is timed to appear at certain points. Since whole video is 4 minutes long but animation per slide limited to 60 seconds in ppt 2010, I had to spread across 5 slides. First slide works great, but how do I advance to slide 2, 3, 4, etc to get the text to appear on subsequent slides w/o hitting mouse (or arrow), that ends up stopping the video?

  6. MLine says:

    I am not trying to play the video across several slides, just the one it is on….but I need to know how do I get the next slide to play after the video is complete?  I'm so confussed…HELP!!

  7. AB says:

    Help! I've done this and my video still isn't playing accross slides. It doesn't start automatically and when I click to the next slide the words do not show up. It's just the video playing . . . ? How do I fix this?

  8. Amber says:

    I tried it, but it still won't work, i click on the next slide and it stops

  9. swordhollow says:


  10. Lewowosw says:

    Thanks for the info.

  11. nicolas says:

    thank u very much really helpfull

  12. nicolas says:

    thank u very much really helpfull

  13. rush gamer says:

    fu**k how to insert two video in power point 2013

  14. theking says:

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  16. shadowdragon says:

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  17. Tammy says:

    thanks for the info. how do you hide the video though.

  18. Mieke says:

    I have a video on my second slide and want to play it across several slides. The audio works 100% but the video will not play beyond the first slide which it is in. After trying to fix this (lol) I now have NO visual and ONLY audio play during the video.
    In the normal presentation it works 100% but it does this when saving the file to wmv format. I have compressed what needed to be. Help?

  19. SimbaLoveLady says:

    you just totally saved me with this… Thank you so much!!

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