PowerPoint 2007 hangs when working on charts

There have been several issues that occur when editing charts in PowerPoint 2007 after Service Pack 2 is installed, or hotfix KB966311 is installed. The main symptom is PowerPoint will stop responding (hang) when you are working on a chart. You'll see (Not Responding) in the Title bar and will have to go into Task Manager to End Task.

We have come out with several hotfixes for these issues:


These occur if you have hotfix KB 966311 or Service Pack 2 for Office 2007 installed:

KB 975021 -  When you move, resize, or adjust graphs, Microsoft Office PowerPoint crashes.

KB 976479 - Take certain actions in PowerPoint, it becomes unresponsive. For example, this problem occurs if you select a chart in a presentation, and then you press and hold the DOWN ARROW key.

KB 981047 - If multiple presentations that contain charts are used at the same time, PowerPoint may crash.

KB 2028572 - No new updates, just the latest OART.DLL with the fix.

So which update should I install? I'd recommend the latest KB 2028572. The updates are cumulative so each one should contain updates from the previous updates.

How do I get the hotfix? There's a link at the top of the articles to view and request hotfixes. Fill out the form and you'll get an email with a link and password to the hotfix. If there's no link in the article call Customer Service at 800-MICROSOFT, reference the KB article # and request that hotfix described in the article.

What if my company/administrator won't let me install the hotfix? There's a workaround but you need to do it every time you run PowerPoint on each instance of PowerPoint. It's setting the processor affinity on the POWERPNT.EXE process.



1. With PowerPoint running, open Task Manager, by right-clicking on the Task Bar, choosing Task Manager, or by doing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choosing Task Manager.

2. Select the Processes tab, right-click POWERPNT.EXE, click Set Affinity...

3. Uncheck all CPUs except one, click OK, and close Task Manager.

Shot from Windows 7 64-bit computer with Intel Core 2 vPro processor

In theory, there's another workaround that involves disabling multiple CPUs or CPU cores in the BIOS. I don't like recommending that though unless the chart hang issue is a real showstopper and you can't install the hotfixes. You should be familiar with modifying the BIOS and understand that you can mess up your computer, even stop it from starting if you're not careful. If you're not comfortable with modifying the BIOS or have never done so before, I would contact the computer manufacturer, or consult a professional computer support technician.

Comments (29)

  1. Aaron Rykhus says:


    The hotfix password issues should be resolved. You just need to redownload the package. I can't place hotfixes on this blog. This blog is not for support. If you need help please contact Customer Service at 800-MICROSOFT. You should not be charged for requesting hotfixes.


  2. Aaron Rykhus says:


    We can't give out passwords on this blog if that's what you are expecting. You would need to contact customer service (800-MICROSOFT) if you need help extracting the hotfix. I can give some tips however….

    Make sure the password doesn't have any spaces in it if you are trying to copy/paste.

    Also, keep in mind we roll the passwords on thoseevery few days. If the email is over a week old you should go to the hotfix KB and request the hotfix again. Then use the password in the new email to extract.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am curious if switching from using a powerpoint graph to inserting a Microsoft Office Excel chart causes this crashing problem?

    I am working as a Helpdesk Analyst and I've had two users in the past month call about this.  I made this suggestion to the first user, but want to see if it is a viable solution to offer future callers.



  4. Aaron Rykhus says:

    You need to have all Office suites and applications at 2007 SP2. This includes Project and Visio 2007.

  5. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Nikita, try downloading the hotfix again. If you still see the problem reply back with the KB# and the filename of the hotfix you tried downloading. I just tried KB2028572 and it extracted with no problems.

  6. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Not exactly sure what you mean. You request the hotfix through the link in the KB and receive an email from customer service with a link to download the hotfix package. The email calso ontains a password to extract the hotfix exe. You can just copy/paste the password to ensure accuracy. If you are having problems with the password please contact customer service at 800-MICROSOFT. I've never seen any issues with the passwords sent. It's always been user error. Please verify the password again if this is the case.

    The other thing you can do is try the workaround to Set Affinity on the Powerpnt.exe processors using the method in my last post on this:


  7. mvt2 says:


    I am unable to follow the links to the KB articles in this post.  I either receive a "page not found" error or an "Access Denied" error.  I am logged in with my Windows Live ID.

    Any assistance you can provide would be very appreciated!


  8. Aaron Rykhus says:

    For this issue you have to kill the Powerpnt.exe process, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 where you can click the X on the upper right side of the window, the window will frost over and you can click the X again and get 3 choices to close, restart, or continue waiting. In any Windows version you can right-click the task bar, click Task Manager, and end the process for Powerpnt.exe. The affinity workaround only works before the hang as a preventative measure. Once the hang occurs you have to end the process.

    If you have one of the hotfixes mentioned in this post then check the add-ins in PowerPoint under Office Button, PowerPoint Options, Add-Ins, Go… button, uncheck anything in there and restart PowerPoint. Go back to the Go button and make sure the checkboxes are still unchecked.

  9. Anonymous says:

    OK, I've had a chance to test on another computer and Excel still keeps crashing.

    If this isn't the right place to post this, feel free to move it.  I'd also appreciate any further suggestions.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I think I'm in the same situation as Michael.

    The link for the update only directs me to a page which yields a message

    Access Denied

    You do not have permissions to perform the requested action.

    Wonder if there are any alternatives to fixing the problem.


  11. Aaron Rykhus says:


    The issue only occurs with the new charts in 2007 that use Excel as the chart engine and only occurs with Office 2007 SP2. The new charts you insert by using Insert tab, Chart command. This doesn't occur with the older MSGraph charts that were in 2003 and earlier with the Insert menu, Chart command. If you converted the older legacy files to 2007 pptx files or converted an MSGraph object in 2007 (which will happen if you edit a MSGraph object) you may run into this issue. That sounds like what you're asking. MSGraph objects should say Chart Object when you right-click them. The new 2007 charts will have a Chart Tools context sensitive tab up on the ribbon when you select them.


  12. Aaron Rykhus [MSFT] says:

    Sorry about the links. It was an issue with our web console. I fixed them using Windows Live Writer beta.

  13. Vern says:

    This also appears to be working for a chart issue we've been having in Excel 2007.  It had been crashing for awhile whenever we'd open a particular workbook.  Sometimes I was able to open it without it crashing, once or twice, but that was it.  I tested deleting the chart & that seemed to solve the crashing, but the chart is needed for the workbook to be of any use.

    In the Event logs, it would show OGL.dll as the culprit.  One from today:  “Faulting application EXCEL.EXE, version 12.0.6539.5001, time stamp 0x4c1bf136, faulting module OGL.DLL, version 12.0.6509.5000, time stamp 0x4a32fc30, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0002a4e6, process id 0x2ec, application start time 0x01cb698bbcf5f35d.”

    I just tested the above solution of turning off CPU1 (2 core only) and it didn't crash.  Will be doing some more testing with others for more verification.

  14. mtvedten says:

    Hi Aaron

    After we applied the hotfix we had some problems with the layout of some pie charts in Excel.

    When the hotfix is applied and inserting a pie chart with "white borders" the data labels gets a shadow on the bullets on the labels. It isn’t a problem before we chose to link the chart to a powerpoint presentation where the shadow now glitch.

    Ever seen that before, and do you know if there an solution to the problem?


  15. mtvedten says:

    Correction. The bullets I’m talking about isn’t called data labels but Legend

  16. Nikita Panov says:

    How to exctract the hotfix???

  17. Nikita says:

    I'm trying to run the downloaded microsoft hotfix, but it is not executing properly. The message  "An error occured while unzipping. One or more files were not succesfuly unzipped. The error code is 110" appears all the time.

    I've tried to extract the hotfix by WinRar and 7zip, but it didn't help. I'm always getting "unexepected end of archive"…

    What do I have to do? I've got Windows 7, Office 2007 enteprise SP2.

  18. jay says:

    Is there any real time way to get out of the process which is hung?  I am seeing a not responing because of editing charts in power point, but I know there is some process running which is linking it to excel or something else hanging.  I have managed to free up processes which are hung like this by killing the link to other programs.  Any suggestion if I can free this up?  I tried the affinity to 1 processor and no luck.

  19. Tolik says:

    i have download the hotfix



    Password: CW-Lb!EbO

    and the password didnt match.

    help me please.

    with other hotfix the same problem, password didnt match.

  20. Tolik says:

    Aaron Rykhus,

    can you upload all these hotfixes just exctracted and write here these links.


  21. Alun Jones says:

    There was a recent problem with passwords mismatched on hotfixes – this seems to have been fixed, so if you downloaded a hotfix and the password was wrong, go through the process to re-request the hotfix and use the new password that is mailed to you along with the link.

  22. EDDIE says:

    I just downloaded this hot fix. I run it but it returns not proper version and doesn't install.

  23. Scott_ says:

    I have Microsoft Professional Plus 2007.

    I extracted the file and I'm getting an error when I try to install: Hotfix for Office (KB2028572) "The installation of the package failed".

    Any idea why?

  24. barb2 says:

    I am getting the same error message as Scott when I try to install Hotfix KB 981047.


  25. Scott_ says:

    I needed Admin rights. My IT dept signed in and installed the hotfix for me.  So far so good.

  26. evan says:

    Aaron & Community Members,

    Wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your efforts here.  I spend a good portion of time working w/ graphs in PPTX and was having this issue for quite some time.  I recently installed the hotfix  KB 2028572 and it has been error free since.

    Again, I really appreciate the support from both Msft (Aaron) and the online community.

  27. Justine_10 says:


    We don't have Microsoft Office Tools. So how can I recover my Microsoft PowerPoint?

  28. jasper says:

    Power point 2013 keetps crashing any time I lunch the application, can someone please help with any clue or advice??

  29. Phoenix says:

    The CPU affinity fix works well, thank you

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