Registration for pilot 70-113 extended until December 17th.

Update: This exam is no longer available for registration. The target candidate numbers have been met and this pilot is now closed. 


Registration is extended till December 17th for testing New Virtual Lab based Exam 70-113: TS: Windows® Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring


Hundreds of IT professionals have experienced this new testing platform! Have you tested it yet? Microsoft extends the registration for exam 70-113 until December 17th. Call your nearest test center before December 17th to register and experience the new virtual lab based testing and prepare for your experience during scored testing. The new pilot exam 70-113: TS: Windows® Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring tests candidate’s abilities to actually perform tasks and solve problems in a virtual lab environment, like they would do it normally in the real world. Are you ready to test your skills being one-on-one with Microsoft Technology? We are pleased to offer you this exciting opportunity to test the scope of your abilities with this pilot exam at no charge and we are eager to receive your opinion.


The  virtual lab based pilot Exam 70-113 is available worldwide, with a high concentration of test centers ready to receive registrations for this pilot exam in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UK, Egypt, UAE, South Africa, US, India, Eastern Europe, Russia (Moscow) and China.


Upon completion of this pilot exam, the first 3000 candidates will receive 3 (!) free exam vouchers that can be used to register for any Microsoft Certification exam delivered at a Prometric testing center.  The vouchers will be distributed electronically up to 4 weeks after the end of Pilot (i.e. in February 2009).  This pilot exam will not provide you with a score as with normal beta exams. This pilot is a test of the exam experience, so only a portion of the final exam will be presented to you during this pilot. This pilot exam will not be added to your transcript and you will need to take the exam in its released form in order to be awarded the credential. Find exam preparation information: 


Registration Information

You must register at least 7 days prior to taking the exam. Register before December 17th to take the exam before December 31st.
Please use the following promotional code when registering for the exam: H640 (promo code is active till December 31st)
Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the pilot; we recommend that you register immediately.

·         Go to the Prometric Website: 

·          Find Microsoft exam 70-113: TS: Windows® Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring

·          Use Promo Code H640 (promo code is active till December 31st)

Send your opinion about exam experience to: and to:


Thank you!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Somewhat unfortunate was the button to show/hide the tasks, it was like a sidebar and when hidden, a little to near to the “Done”-button. Also throughout the whole performance lab I was only able to use a part of the screen, most annoying was an area right handed, 4 to 5cm width barely used, only the counter and the done button. The VM(‘s) window comes in a 800*600 sized window, could be way better.

    Despite all these troubles and while looking backwards of nearly ten years personal expierience of microsoft exams, performance based labs could be a great improvement! Much better than the simulations, and hopefully a lot of scenarios which a lot of different sets of tasks! With these coming, I actually would stop to wait for the “adaptive test and scoring” to take place. (-;

    While having the described troubles, I’m wondering where the VM’s are running. The “normal” exams are downloaded to the local testsite server, a dedicated PC running the Prometric applications. So during the testtaking there is actual no need for an internet-connection. How about the performance based labs with VMs, where do they actually run, local, either on the dedicated Server or direct on the testakers PC? Or is there a need for an relativly stable, and dedicated internet-connection to testservers in the web, either operated by Prometric or Microsoft?

    cu p@rick

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just sat 70-113 neither of the labs would load so a total waist of time. Do we get another chance? Trika would make heaven and earth move for us. Here I have not seen any answer to questions

  3. Anonymous says:

    I took the exam on wednesday. I started the test, opened the first lab, waited about 15 minutes for it to finish loading before switching to another computer in the testing center. On this new computer, Lab 1 loaded right away, but i didn’t get the time back that was lost waiting for Lab 1 to load. Lab 2 wouldn’t even open, and the rest of the test was a no-brainer. I think this test may have been too easy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just took the exam yesterday. The virtual lab was quite fun.

  5. Anonymous says:

    71-505 is on prometric. any idea what the promo code is?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I tried to register for exam but it doesn’t appear on parametric site? Any alternative to register for this exam?


  7. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t received any vouchers either.  Who can we contact about this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    One more thing, since the testing center had small monitors, it was a pain taking the exam. Not too much time to put in to review your answers to the sims. The questions ain’t that bad in the second part of the exam. Just that I don’t like ADFS as of now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good Day,

    Please I want to know the people who were registered for 70-113 can take it even before the December 31, as the blog of beta testing of Microsoft, reported that the pilot reached the limits of people and is closed. I need to clarify the doubt. Thank you very much.

    p.d. Sorry for my english language.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why have this exam extended for such a very long period of time? Or is the current data on exam stats still too small?

    What sucks is that people who take the exam by next month would have gained more info about the exam from other individuals who don’t adhere to the policies for beta exams.

    That sucks.

    Anyway, the exam was fun.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i have recieved the free vouchers. i saw somebody posting that he might have lost the email, the email had this subject and the mail id sent

    Your 3 exam vouchers for taking the pilot exam 70-113‏

    From: DoNotReply@prometric.root

    hope this will help in finding the mail

  12. Anonymous says:

    We all know what's wrong with Microsoft certifications. The multiple-choice format means that people

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to register to the exam, but just disappeared from Prometric. The offer expired earlier or just a bug? Thanks.

    Otto Horvath

    [MS MVP – Group Policy]

  14. Anonymous says:

    I was scheduled to take this exam back in August, but a work emergency kept me from getting off work to drive to take it. Is there any chance that I can take it again?

  15. Alager says:

    Why in Russia I can pass this test only in Moscow? You think in Syberia lives only bears? It’s wrong!

    With best regards not-bear.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyone who can be contacted about the voucher codes? I think mine have gone the same way as Lyphtec’s and been removed by a spam filter. It would be a shame if there is no way to either request that they are sent again or to get them through another channel.

  17. Anonymous says:

    When will the exam results be announced? When will we know we passed or failed?

    Nice exam…

  18. I sign in and take this egzam very fast beforem my colegue take it. But they receive free vourchers and I not.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Since today I’ve got no update, so I called both Prometric and Microsoft Regional Service Center. Prometric told me, the registration is currently suspended because of unspecified (?) problems and they offered us retaking the exam, approximately friday registering is possible again. MRSC told us to fill out a form and send it in:

    What bothered me most was first of all the poor performance of the virtual machine, I almost was four times slower than on an actual server, and I’m used to remote administrate via VPN and also some virtual environments. Second worst was, that whatever happened (e.g. loading virtual machines when switching between them) the counter doesn’t reflect it, neither “normal” loading nor a disconnected session.

    Funniest was the statement on the desktop, saying it’s a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise at 7MHz (!) and the icon for the network-connection reminds of Vmware, not VirtualPC.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I studied Citrix A05 on Server 08. After months and long hours I would love to take this exam. I don’t see it being offered on prometric, can we still take this beta exam?

  21. Anonymous says:

    …took the exam on monday, needed nearly a minute to load the first “performance lab”, the virtual machine was extremely slow in reacting to my actions, after 35 minutes the lab-part of the screen freezed, a warning sayed: "Internet Connection lost" and a few seconds later the screen went blue stating the message: Lab is not connected. All the time the counter doesn’t pause.  A colleague took the same time the same exam, same behaviour, the site admin chooses to cold start the testpc, after restarting the test, Lab A was marked done, no comment possible. He could start Lab B and went through it, done and comment, then the multiple choice part, done and comment. I waited the rest oft the time but the Lab A doesn’t reconnect, I was able to comment. Same with Lab B after 20 minutes, done and comment, multiple choice part runs without problems.

    The site administrator could barely speak english and the prometric hotline wasn’t really helpful, they didn’t really know how to handle the "performance Labs", doesn’t know how to reset/restart the exam. She made an incident report.

  22. Anonymous says:


    Does anyone know who I can contact regarding issuing of the free exam vouchers? The vouchers have been sent since Fri but I may have deleted the email if it it was marked as spam.

    The thing is, I have no idea if I have received it or not and there’s no way for me to recover trashed spam email.

    All my colleagues that sat the same exam have received their vouchers already.. so it is very likely that it came through as spam on my email system..

    I need to contact the issuer to see if it’s possible for them to resend my vouchers…  I already tried contacting Prometric but no word from them yet…


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