Lync 2010 for windows phone available

Lync 2010 for windows phone is now available the following references help us to prepare the required infrastructure to support this Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Guide Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service  


SharePoint 2010 Database High Availability

As one of the high availability options in database used by SharePoint 2010 application, we can set the SQL Server database with SQL high availability mirroring (synchronous mode) or SQL failover cluster. To get in more detail on SQL high availability mirroring, on the SharePoint application side, it’s automatic detection if there’s failover happened on…


Lync 2010 Backend-database server went down

So, when you have Front-end edition pool with SQL Server and the SQL Server is down for some reason. Then your Lync server will be in resilient mode with REGISTRAR Component primarily active to server your user The following features won’t be available Conferencing  (IM, Video and Web) Presence & DND based routing Modify Presence…


SharePoint 2007 – SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Definition File (UDF)

As part of the upgrade planning using DB attach method, we can define Upgrade Definition File (UDF) which will transform the file definition or features to be activated/depreciated upon upgrading SharePoint 2007 database to SharePoint 2010 web application. You might have custom site definition in sharepoint 2007, and you’d like to do some actions/transformation upon…


SharePoint V3 mergecontentdbs and Auditdata

When you move site collection from one content database to another content database in Sharepoint V3, you use stsadm -o mergecontentdbs command line. If you have enabled auditing on the site collection that you’d like to move to the new content database, mergecontentdbs does move the auditdata table if your SharePoint V3 farm is at…


remote user access error on running OCS 2007 R2 on Windows 2008 R2

I was trying to setup my OCS 2007 R2 lab environment using windows 2008 R2. It’s a simple lab which consist one standard edition server and one edge server. The OCS internal user login was working fine, but the problem was with the remote user access. I can’t sign-in from remote environment thru my edge…


Setting-up SharePoint 2010 stretched farm

Some enterprises have data centers that are located close to one another with high-bandwidth connections so that they can configure SHarePoint 2010 as a single farm to achieve high-availability as well as low RTO/RPO,we call it as a “stretched” farm. For a stretched farm to work, there must be less than 1 millisecond latency between…


Setting user rights to add solution to SharePoint 2007 solution store

You might want to give some accounts the access to deploy solutions into sharepoint 2007 farm without having to use installation account. As when you start distributing the installation account to other team, the changes performed on the farm can be very hard to track without strict change management process. We’ll need to give the…


Configuring SCOM R2 Management Pack for SharePoint Server 2010 Monitoring

In the previous blog, we’ve seen on how to configure SCOM R2 MP for SharePoint Foundation. It’s a great monitoring tool for SharePoint Foundation farm. But, if we’d like to monitor our overall SharePoint Server farm, the previous configuration was not good enough. We’d like to be able to monitor the SharePoint Server Feature such…


Configuring SCOM R2 Management Pack for SharePoint 2010 Foundation Monitoring

This blog post discusses about configuring SCOM management pack for SharePoint 2010 farm. Most of the part of this document is based on the SharePoint 2010 Management Pack installation and configuration document. I added more visualization and clarify some of the steps that you might miss as I did when configuring this. These are the…