How to add the Adobe Flash Player / Shockwave Plugin for IE on Windows Server 2016

Attention! With this post I am not saying it is a wise thing to do but nevertheless you might need it for testing purposes.

Thanks David and Naoya!

On a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition (with GUI) open the cmd line and type:

dism /online /add-package /packagepath:"C:\Windows\servicing\Packages\Adobe-Flash-For-Windows-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.14393.0.mum"

(BTW. Adobe Package is already on disk. You just activate it)

+ Reboot


The results should be:


after the reboot verify in IE:


and it seems we even get security updates just like for flash in IE on Win10:


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  1. Xen Ovid-Sophron-Naso sagt:


    Absolutely fantastic! – A+++++
    Wow! – I’m now able to watch CBS News as follows>

    Oh!> – Why not auto include this w-in the next Windows Server 2016 Datacenter version build updates for all those who may require these Adobe features!

    Thanks so much for providing this vital info!

    Best Regards,

  2. ewallker sagt:

    Hi Franck !

    Thanks for your advice. It was very helpful for activate this pluggin on Windows 2016 Std Server.

  3. JIm G sagt:

    Helpful Thank YOU

  4. opexxx sagt:

    I allways wanted falsh player, sun java jre and adobe acrobat reader on my server 😉

  5. TheTester sagt:

    perhaps you can tell us how to remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10?

    1. Hi
      have you tried
      dism /online /remove-package /?
      DISM.exe /Online /Remove-Capability /?


  6. Donald sagt:

    Thanks for your solution.
    Work fine for me 🙂

  7. Lotusisrael sagt:

    Why is not recommended? Security reasons only?

    1. Hi,
      yep. There might be other reasons I am not aware of but security on a server is the most important one.

      1. Lotusisrael sagt:

        Thank you. In the Core Team blog, it says RDSH is required to be enabled, to have Flash. I am afraid enabling it without RDSH might cause system instability and issues on enabling/disabling functions. Regarding security, it can be kept disabled as plugin in IE and used only when necessary, but for that it needs to be installed from sources, either using the method described by the Core Team, or the one you give here. Your method seems more convenient, since enabling RDSH just for Flash Player seems a big deal, especially because RSDH is trailed for 120 days. I have enabled it using your method, then enabled RSHD and then disabled it. Flash Player was still there. That can be either good or bad. I hope this method does not mess up other components of the OS itself or some server functions.

      2. Lotusisrael sagt:

        Is there a removal command as well?

        1. Lotusisrael sagt:

          So it now posted upper now.

  8. Muhammad Tahseen sagt:

    This is Purely Superb

  9. tiyasenget sagt:

    Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

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