MOM Exchange Management Pack alerts

Part of my job involves supporting the Exchange Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).  In doing so, we sometimes come across things that don’t really make a lot of sense (or at least they don’t to me).  Take the following scenario. With MOM, you can create Mailboxes that MOM then uses to make sure…


Exchange 2007 Single Copy Cluster Changes

Single Copy Clusters are the continuation of how clustering was implemented with previous versions of Exchange.  It is a standard cluster implementation which utilizes Shared Storage (i.e. SAN) and allows all nodes of the cluster access to the shared storage.  One node of the cluster will "own" the resources for that cluster group, and all…


Exchange 2007 SP1 Setup Domain Controller Requirements

OK.  I’ve heard lots of complaints about Exchange 2007 and the fact that when you run setup, the pre-requisite checks will fail if you have multiple domains in your forest, and one of those domains doesn’t have a Windows 2003 SP1+ domain controller.  That’s fair enough.  Some of those child domains may not have an…


Exchange 2007 Advanced Move Mailbox Powershell commands

By now, you should be familiar with the day to day Powershell commands, so here is one that uses the foreach command.  Foreach is used to loop through a given set of items (an array), and perform an action on each one. As an example, let’s say that you want to perform a Cross-Org mailbox…


Exchange 2007 Cluster Setup – Did it complete?

As you no doubt know by now, Exchange 2007 introduces different types of clustering.  It still retains the traditional Single Copy cluster where all data is stored in a central location (i.e. SAN).  It also introduces the concept of Cluster Continuous Replication, or CCR, where centralized storage is not required, rather each server contains a…


No more anonymous comments

Sorry folks.  I’m starting to see some spam comments with nasty stuff in them.  As of now, if you want to leave a comment here, you can no longer do so anonymously.


Will It Blend? Presented By Blendtec

These guys are hilarious!  I first caught on to them when they blended an iPhone (LOL!).  Of course the funniest videos are the “Don’t Try this @ Home” series.  The latest in the series has them blend 6 Bic lighters.  Do you think they end up exploding?  Watch and see.  They have even syndicated the…


how to save your Exchange 2007 Powershell session transcript

Have you noticed that there are a lot more things that you need to do (or can do) via the Command Shell in Exchange 2007?  Do you wish that you could automatically save the session information to a text file?  Here’s a great tip help you out with that. First, a couple things.  In order to…


Exchange 2003 and disabled user accounts

As some of you may be aware, the behavior when dealing with disabled user accounts has changed.  Prior to these changes, when you disabled a user account, any mail sent to that account would NDR, and accessing the mailbox was not possible.  In addition, you would see many 9548 warnings logged in the Application log…


Add-ExchangeAdministrator and setting the scope to multiple servers with powershell

So you want to add a new Exchange administrator and set the scope to multiple servers, but the management shell won’t allow you to do this? Here is what happens. Add-ExchangeAdministrator -identity <user> -role ServerAdmin -scope “server1″,”server2” Error: Add-ExchangeAdministrator : cannot convert ‘System.Object[]’ to the type ‘System.String’ required by parameter ‘Scope’. Specified method is not…