Scripting Hyper-V with WMI and PowerShell: Part 1 – Introduction + Querying State

Scripting Hyper-V with WMI and PowerShell Part 1 – Introduction + Querying State   Introduction When it comes to scripting Hyper-V there are really 2 methods: 1.       Using the virtualization WMI provider that ships with Hyper-V. 2.       Using the cmdlets provided by System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008 So which option should you use?  Well…


Inteverview with me on Technet Edge

Hi All I got kidnapped by the Tech Net Edge guys whilst I was at Tech Ed the other week, and intereviewed about the PowerShell and WMI session that I was presenting there.  If you’d like to see the interview in full it’s here: You might need to use “the force” whilst watching the demos,…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 5 – Administering Failover Clustering

Finally, here is the last demo. Demo 5 – Administering Failover Clustering I have already written a detailed post, and a similar script on this subject, here.  However, I promised all the demos would be on my blog, so attached is the exact script I used at Tech Ed 2008. Enjoy! BenP clusterhotfixes.ps1


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 4 – Administering Hyper-V

So here is Demo  4 – Administering Hyper-V   I am planning to put more posts on my blog, looking at this subject in more depth, so stay tuned for more in depth demos.  This was is what I demo’d at Tech Ed 2008.  Notice the namespace that is used: Gwmi –namespace “root\virtualization” –list  …


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 3 – How do I Know Which Classes to Use

Ola Demo 3 – How Do I Know Which Classes to Use In this demo I firstly used WMI Browser, which provides a GUI that can be used to visually display WMI information.  That can be downloaded from here: I then browsed for classes in PowerShell.  I have already documented this on my blog and…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 2 – Administering Servers in Bulk

Bonjour Bonjour It’s time for Demo 2 – Administering Servers in Bulk.  I’ve attached the 4 scripts that I used. Demo 2 – Administering Servers in Bulk BulkServers1.ps1 – This script reads in a text file, containing 1 server per line.  It simply then writes the server names back to the console BulkServers2.ps1 – This…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 1 – Administering Windows

Hello Again Well I’ve delivered my session “Windows, PowerShell and WMI: Unveiling Microsoft’s Best Kept Secret”, and as promised here are the scripts for the Demo’s I used during my session: Demo 1 – Administering Windows All these demos are simple command lines that I just typed straight in PowerShell, no need for any fancy…


Listing WMI Namespaces installed on a host

Ladies and Gents Many months ago I posted a script on how to search a namespace for different classes.  The post is here A common question I then get asked is “How do I know what WMI namespaces are installed on a system?”  The answer is not immediately obvious so I thought I’d share it…


Searching WMI

Ladies and Gents A lot people have been asking me: “How do I know if there is a WMI provider for xxxx?”.  Quite often a quick search in will get you the results, but there is a way of searching WMI from within PowerShell.  I have created a really simple script that allows me…


Tech-Ed 2007 – Top 5 PowerShell Questions

Ladies + Gents This week I have had the privilege of working at TechEd 2007.  I’ve been on the PowerShell demo stand in the Technical Learning Centre and talking to what feels like most of the 12000 attendees about how cool PowerShell is.  It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear there were some really common…