Use PowerShell to Patch VHD and WIM Image Files

Hi Everyone I’ve written an  article for the The Scripting Guy blog on how to use PowerShell to patch VHD and WIM image files.  Check it out! Thanks Ben


How To Figure Out Which Processes are Generating Disk IO in Windows 7

This article is a step by step guide on how to identify how much data each process is writing to disk. It’s particularly relevant for VDI installations, but also applies to physical Windows 7 installations. If you are using Windows 7 as a VDI client, you really care about disk IO. If you are using…


Hyper-V Best Practice Analyzer – What does it check

Hi All Last month we released the Hyper-V Best Practice Analyser.  I was interested to see what checks/rules the Best Practice Analyser made and used, so I started digging around.  Because the Hyper-V Best Practice Analyser is based on the standard Best Practice Analyser technology provided in Windows 2008 R2, it was really easy to…

PowerShell Resources

Hi All I`m regularly asked what resources I would recommend to people who want to develop their PowerShell scripting skills.  So I’ve worked with some of my colleagues to create a list of resources that we regularly point people to.  There are absolutely loads of resources that are not listed here, but these are some…


Managing Large Infrastructures with PowerShell v2

Hi All I had the pleasure of speaking at Tech Ed EMEA this year on the subject “Managing Large Infrastructures with PowerShell v2”.  I co-presented the session with Jeffrey Snover and a recording of this session has been uploaded to the microsoft site. Here it is: CheersBenP

Interview with me on the Get-Scripting Blog

Hi All I met Jonathan Medd at Tech Ed EMEA this year and he kindly invited me to be interviewed for his PowerShell podcast.  If you would like to listen to the podcast it’s here: Happy New Year BenP

Scripting Hyper-V with WMI and PowerShell: Part 1 – Introduction + Querying State

Scripting Hyper-V with WMI and PowerShell Part 1 – Introduction + Querying State   Introduction When it comes to scripting Hyper-V there are really 2 methods: 1.       Using the virtualization WMI provider that ships with Hyper-V. 2.       Using the cmdlets provided by System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008 So which option should you use?  Well…


Inteverview with me on Technet Edge

Hi All I got kidnapped by the Tech Net Edge guys whilst I was at Tech Ed the other week, and intereviewed about the PowerShell and WMI session that I was presenting there.  If you’d like to see the interview in full it’s here: You might need to use “the force” whilst watching the demos,…


How to Configure a Server Core Domain Controller: Vanilla to First DC in a Forest

Hi All   Sometimes you just want a new Domain created quickly for a bit of testing.  Given that Windows 2008 ships with server core, a light footprint version of the OS, it’s ideal for being the domain controller.  As I am fairly inexperienced with Server Core I had to search all over the place…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 5 – Administering Failover Clustering

Finally, here is the last demo. Demo 5 – Administering Failover Clustering I have already written a detailed post, and a similar script on this subject, here.  However, I promised all the demos would be on my blog, so attached is the exact script I used at Tech Ed 2008. Enjoy! BenP clusterhotfixes.ps1