Use PowerShell to Patch VHD and WIM Image Files

Hi Everyone I’ve written an  article for the The Scripting Guy blog on how to use PowerShell to patch VHD and WIM image files.  Check it out! Thanks Ben


How To Figure Out Which Processes are Generating Disk IO in Windows 7

This article is a step by step guide on how to identify how much data each process is writing to disk. It’s particularly relevant for VDI installations, but also applies to physical Windows 7 installations. If you are using Windows 7 as a VDI client, you really care about disk IO. If you are using…


Hyper-V Best Practice Analyzer – What does it check

Hi All Last month we released the Hyper-V Best Practice Analyser.  I was interested to see what checks/rules the Best Practice Analyser made and used, so I started digging around.  Because the Hyper-V Best Practice Analyser is based on the standard Best Practice Analyser technology provided in Windows 2008 R2, it was really easy to…