Inteverview with me on Technet Edge

Hi All I got kidnapped by the Tech Net Edge guys whilst I was at Tech Ed the other week, and intereviewed about the PowerShell and WMI session that I was presenting there.  If you’d like to see the interview in full it’s here: You might need to use “the force” whilst watching the demos,…


How to Configure a Server Core Domain Controller: Vanilla to First DC in a Forest

Hi All   Sometimes you just want a new Domain created quickly for a bit of testing.  Given that Windows 2008 ships with server core, a light footprint version of the OS, it’s ideal for being the domain controller.  As I am fairly inexperienced with Server Core I had to search all over the place…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 5 – Administering Failover Clustering

Finally, here is the last demo. Demo 5 – Administering Failover Clustering I have already written a detailed post, and a similar script on this subject, here.  However, I promised all the demos would be on my blog, so attached is the exact script I used at Tech Ed 2008. Enjoy! BenP clusterhotfixes.ps1


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 4 – Administering Hyper-V

So here is Demo  4 – Administering Hyper-V   I am planning to put more posts on my blog, looking at this subject in more depth, so stay tuned for more in depth demos.  This was is what I demo’d at Tech Ed 2008.  Notice the namespace that is used: Gwmi –namespace “root\virtualization” –list  …


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 3 – How do I Know Which Classes to Use

Ola Demo 3 – How Do I Know Which Classes to Use In this demo I firstly used WMI Browser, which provides a GUI that can be used to visually display WMI information.  That can be downloaded from here: I then browsed for classes in PowerShell.  I have already documented this on my blog and…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 2 – Administering Servers in Bulk

Bonjour Bonjour It’s time for Demo 2 – Administering Servers in Bulk.  I’ve attached the 4 scripts that I used. Demo 2 – Administering Servers in Bulk BulkServers1.ps1 – This script reads in a text file, containing 1 server per line.  It simply then writes the server names back to the console BulkServers2.ps1 – This…


Tech Ed 2008 – Demo 1 – Administering Windows

Hello Again Well I’ve delivered my session “Windows, PowerShell and WMI: Unveiling Microsoft’s Best Kept Secret”, and as promised here are the scripts for the Demo’s I used during my session: Demo 1 – Administering Windows All these demos are simple command lines that I just typed straight in PowerShell, no need for any fancy…