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Welcome to Benp’s Guide to Stuff.  This is my forum to post information that hopefully makes life easier.  Sometimes technical documentation is hard to find, sometimes it doesn’t exist and sometimes it’s plain wrong.  So on a quest to try and make things a little bit better, this blog will host info that I find useful.  Hopefully you will too.


I`m also pretty lazy, and like nothing more than to finish a job early (shame my kitchen fitter doesn’t think that).  Anyway, as I come across cool ways to do stuff quickly (and get you hundreds of gold stars from your manager) I`ll definitely let you guys know!


So stay tuned for Benp’s Guide to Stuff.



(or if that’s a bit strong, I hope it’s at least mildly interesting)

Comments (7)

  1. Luis Pereira - Google Developer says:

    What a piece of ugly code you wrote there. Need more practice and leave the mouse at home. Click Click Click. :p

    To bad you’re using windows 😛 too weak for creating real innovation. Change it and as a programmer you’ll never look back. Sorry but in cluster we are into and that is not a good practice.

    Ever tried HeartBeat?!

    jsut doing

    cibadmin -Ql -o status | grep "lrm_resource " | awk ‘{print $2}’ | sort -u

    right now…

    😉 Cheers

  2. jimelyyes says:

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