Moving my blog site!

I have migrated my blog on TechNet to wordpress…new posts will be posted on the new blog site here:


Creating Registered Servers in SSMS via PowerShell

I wrote a script that creates a “Registered Server” group and then a “Server Registration” for each of the servers found in a text or csv file. This comes in handy when you want to create lots of registrations (groups and/or servers). Basically, to use the script, you create a file (txt or csv) for…


SQL Tip: Multi Server queries

My coworkers ask me from time to time to “do that magical thing you do” and then ask me to share with them how to do it. I have showed it several times…so now I’m going to blog it for reference. 🙂 That “magical” thing I do is pretty simple and stems from me being…


SQL Tip: The Tally Table

This is going to be a short blog because there are far better articles on the Tally Table that you should read (I’ll provide a link or two). However, I felt it important to create a post on this since some of my scripts make use of just such a table. The tally table is…


Collecting members of the Local Administrators group

A while ago I had to collect the members of the local administrators group via ConfigMgr. This data has come in handy a number of times so it’s certainly one of those inventory items I don’t plan on stopping just yet. Security being such a big deal, it’s nice to have a way to review…


Troubleshooting/Monitoring Hardware Inventory with the InventoryLog

One of the coolest ‘features’ of inventory is the fact that it logs information to the database when it processes the files. Granted, I’m biased on this opinion because I helped make it happen. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone talk about it yet so it’s either not as cool as I thought or people don’t…