BDD 2007 – TechNet Magazine article worth reading

One of my fellow Microsoft Services consultants from the UK Adam Shepherd, has just had an article published in TechNet Magazine. The article provides advice on how to scale BDD. This includes how to to support multiple databases, use DFS-R and how to leverage WDS. The advice is based on learning’s from real world so…


BDD is now Microsoft Deployment

The big secret is now out! BDD has officially had a name change, the next version will be called Microsoft Deployment. I was hoping the new name would be “the solution accelerator formerly known as BDD” but I don’t think that even made it to first cut because the acronym would have been too long…


BDD 2007 – How to create a Custom task sequence with reboots

I am often asked how to setup a custom task sequence that will continue after a reboot. If you have created a custom task sequence to install a number of applications that includes a reboot then you will know the problem I am taking about. When you do this you will find that the computer…


BDD 2007 -How to ensure the computer is in the correct OU

As promised in a previous blog post here is a script to move a computer to the correct OU from within the host operating system. There are two situations where I find this script useful: When a computer object already exists in Active Directory for the computer you are deploying. In this situation the existing computer object…


BDD 2007 – How do you do it?

I am often asked how I install and configure BDD 2007. So I thought now was a good time to detail at a high level the process I go through to create and deploy operating system images using BDD 2007. This is not a step by step guide but more of a rant about how…


BDD 2007 – How to move a computer object in Windows PE

Many of my customers have Group Policy settings that are very restrictive and cause problems during operating system deployments. For example the legal notice messages can interrupt an automated logon process. This can be a real hassle to get around when deploying so to solve the issue the I perform by performing one of the…


BDD 2007 – Time saving tips – How to manually restart the build process

When troubleshooting the BDD deployment I often make a change then test. Then find that I need to make another adjustment and test again. Well this this process can be time consuming especially if you have to wait for Windows PE to reboot each time. Well I have a couple of tips to help speed…


BDD 2007 – How to Prompt for information then update the database

I have previously published posts detailing how you can perform bulk updates to the database and how you can use the LTI wizard to prompt for information in ZTI deployments. Now I think it’s about time I show you how to combine these two features and populate the database with the information gathered by the wizard….


BDD2007 – Bulk database updates

I am often asked how I perform bulk updates to the BDD 2007 database. BDD 2.5 provided a tool to perform this task but BDD 2007 does not. To get around this issue I use a simple CSV import process. Unlike the BDD 2.5 the BDD 2007 database is made up of multiple tables, so when…


BDD 2007 – Quick Start Guide Released

For all of you that are new to BDD 2007 (and some of those that aren’t) I would highly recommend getting your hands on the “Quick Start for BDD 2007” white paper. As it says it will help you quickly get started with BDD without the need for wading through the BDD documentation. This can be…