BDD is now Microsoft Deployment

The big secret is now out!

BDD has officially had a name change, the next version will be called Microsoft Deployment. I was hoping the new name would be "the solution accelerator formerly known as BDD" but I don't think that even made it to first cut because the acronym would have been too long (TSAFKABDD).

I think it is fairly obvious that now the server and desktop deployment tools had been unified into one solution accelerator that it needed a a more appropriate name.

So start making up new acronyms as I don't want to type Microsoft Deployment out every time. My bet is on MDT, what do you think will stick?

As well as announcing the new name the Microsoft Deployment Team have released Microsoft Deployment RC1. This contains a number of enhancements over Deployment 4 Beta 3 but there a three that are particularly dear to my heart...

The MDT guys have noted the number of people that create custom task sequences to test application deployment. With this in mind they created a new task sequence template that allows you to create a custom task sequence.   This means that you no longer have to create a task sequence that includes a disabled operating system deployment task to get a custom task sequence to work.

The second thing that you may notice is the nice interface they have created for configuring BitLocker, I have included a screen shot below:


And the third thing I like is the little piece of SOLUTIONACCELERATORS branding they have added to the bottom of the properties windows of every task 🙂

So everyone, "Act Faster. Go Further" and download Microsoft Deployment RC0 from the following location:

P.S. I hope you like my gratuitous use of the Solution Accelerators slogan! The marketing guys would be proud:)

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Comments (8)

  1. Ben Hunter says:

    I have had no problems with this.  The best first place to look is in the logs in the MININT folder. They should tell you what is happening, hopefully:)



  2. Ben Hunter says:

    The product has been updated.

    The changes however are incremental. They include many fixes and minor changes. As well as aditional support for server deployment and Configuration Manager.



  3. Ben Hunter says:

    Good point!

    I don’t know how I made that mistake 🙂

    All fixed now.



  4. Mark says:

    Just a quick point. It’s "Microsoft Deployment RC1" not RC0.

    Sorry for seeming pedantic 😉

  5. Bryan says:

    Thanks Ben.  Have you had issues deploying applications with RC1?  I tried using the task sequence and selecting the application from the deployment wizard, but the program seems to zip on by the application part.  Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug?  Any help would be great.  Thank you.

  6. John says:

    MDP works better than MDT for me.

  7. Jayakandan says:

    Are Microsft just changed the name as MS Deployment Or the entire product has been changed

    Any differnece between BDD07 and MSD

  8. paul says:

    Id go for MS Deployment, to be honest i had a lot more success with MS Deployment, I only wish i could get osd working in SCCM

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