Deployment 4 (the next version of BDD) – Beta 3 Released

It looks like the BDD team has been very busy! They have just released Deployment 4 Beta 3 the worthy successor to BDD 2007.

Having spent a reasonable amount of time testing Deployment 4 I must say I am very impressed, particularly when it is combined with SCCM.

So what is it that has impressed me about Deployment 4?

  • Support for both desktop and server deployment

  • Integration with SCCM - right into the SCCM console itself

  • Enables the use of static IP's (very important for server deployment)

  • Enhanced disk partitioning support

  • Support for multiple task sequences - Templates are included for both client and server deployment

  • Builds no longer exist - Everything revolves around the task sequence now!

  • Support for multicast deployment when combined with Windows Server 2008

  • Support for web service calls as part of the rule processing

These are only a few of the improvements, more detailed information is included in the release notes.

But the thing I like the most about deployment 4 is the subtle changes, those little improvements to the deployment workbench and task sequences that make deployment easier.

While there are significant improvements from BDD 2007 the overall  concepts remain the same. So, you should easily be able to get up to speed.

So go and test it for yourself (particularly with SCCM). I know you will be pleasantly surprised!


Deployment 4 is now available for download now at the following location:

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