BDD 2007 – A pretty good ZTI front end

In the past I have written a number of blogs about how you can use the LTI wizard to create a customized front end for your ZTI deployments. They detail both how to use the wizards to gather information, how to automatically enter this information into the database once you have gathered it and hint at how you could extend this functionality yourself without too much trouble.

So with that preface I must direct you all to Johan Arwidmark's site. Johan has created a pretty good ZTI front end in my opinion (as well as his own) using some of the techniques that I mentioned. He has taken it a lot further though and created a front end with a number of impressive features that is easy to understand and use. These features include:

  • Dynamically querying the database for roles and presenting these as a drop down box.

  • Dynamically querying AD for organizational units and presenting these as a drop down box.

  • Dynamically querying SMS/OSD for package information and presenting these as a drop down box.

However the feature that I am most impressed with is how it demonstrates the usefulness and simplicity and flexibility of the BDD LTI wizard. So if this front end doesn't provide all of the features you are looking you should be able to easily adjust it to meet your requirements.

So go and have a look at it yourselves I am sure you will mind it most useful!

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