BDD 2007 – A pretty good ZTI front end

In the past I have written a number of blogs about how you can use the LTI wizard to create a customized front end for your ZTI deployments. They detail both how to use the wizards to gather information, how to automatically enter this information into the database once you have gathered it and hint…


BDD 2007 – How to Prompt for information then update the database

I have previously published posts detailing how you can perform bulk updates to the database and how you can use the LTI wizard to prompt for information in ZTI deployments. Now I think it’s about time I show you how to combine these two features and populate the database with the information gathered by the wizard….


Presenting at TechEd New Zealand

I will be presenting a session at TechEd New Zealand on Monday covering Vista Deployment using BDD 2007. So if you happen to be attending make sure you come along, introduce yourself and ask lots of questions. I would like to put some faces to the names I regularly communicate with. There will also be some…


BDD2007 – Bulk database updates

I am often asked how I perform bulk updates to the BDD 2007 database. BDD 2.5 provided a tool to perform this task but BDD 2007 does not. To get around this issue I use a simple CSV import process. Unlike the BDD 2.5 the BDD 2007 database is made up of multiple tables, so when…